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Transcending Bizarre? - Biography




Formed as a band in 2000 AD ,T.B.? recorded two promo CDs in the next couple of years which received astonishing reviews from mags and webzines giving the opportunity to spread the word about the new parameters in music set by the band.

In June 2003 AD, T.B.? became an entity with the release of its debut album "The Four Scissors" under the label of SleaszyRider records introducing numerous genre innovations (The Four Scissors created the same annoying feelings as La Masquerade Infernale from Arcturus did some time ago! Michael Dalakos, webzine).

The debut album is going to be re-released soon by Vic Records worldwide containing 2 new tracks and amazing artwork from Seth(Paradise Lost,Old mans child etc)!

In 2008 the band released its Magnum Opus entitled ''The Serpent's Manifolds'' unleashing an unprecedented attack of post-modern symphonic black metal. The new album is an occult musical journey in the wonders of the stars, the coils of human mind, the construction of self and the mysticism of chaotic structures. Only for the intelligent ones of our species!!

Transcending Bizarre? s music is for malfunctioned humanoids in order to complete the damage and set them free from the mental prison established by the system for so long!