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Revelation's Hammer - Biography




Revelation's Hammer rose from the ashes of disbelief during the 7th year of the 3rd millennium in the village Sætre in Norway. It all began as various musical ideas by the accuser which evolved into self dictated propaganda of a greater purpose.

The accuser started working with drummer Bergh during the following year, but had to exchange him due to diverse complications and disagreements. Myrvoll from Nidingr was found and impressed immediately with his majestic way of handling the battery. He approved himself as the band's session and live drummer shortly after.

The first chapter of antagonistic fire began its recording session a wintery night the 1st month of 2010. Because of several setbacks throughout the year, the recordings were finished about ten months after the first session. Subsequently, the album was mixed by Børge Finstad at infamous Toproom Studio (Mayhem, Borknagar) and mastered by legendary Peter In de Betou (Watain, Dark Funeral).

The album's artwork was put together by Portuguese Ricardo Fernandes and is a truly amazing collage built upon a carefully selected collection of (anti)religious paintings that reflects the band's conception. The band have moved to Oslo, Norway and signed a record deal with Italian Dark Metal label My Kingdom Music March 2013. Their self-titled debut album is now scheduled for release on June 3rd, 2013.

Blasphemy, fire, rebellion.. This is just the beginning...