The Brothers Highhorse - Biography





Formed in late 2008, The Brothers Highhorse is a Progressive Deathcore band from Dallas, Texas. Drawing on their influences from such metal luminaries as The Black Dahlia Murder, The Faceless and Born Of Osiris, TBH have combined elements from death metal, black metal, grind and hardcore to manifest a technical and ferocious interpretation of musical mayhem.

Our first show was in the summer of 2009. Our first line-up consisted of Mike Sharrow on vocals (ex-Because Of Her, Backroad Gunslingers), Daniel Sharp on guitars, Mark Hazelton on bass, and Richard Sollene on drums. This line-up lasted from 2009 to the summer of 2010. We also recorded The Undoing EP with this line-up. After that we decided to have Mark Hazelton move from bass to second guitar and Daniel Sharp remained in the band on guitar as well. We parted ways with Richard and Mike due to musical and creative differences, and because Daniel and Mark wanted to take the band in a heavier and faster musical direction.

In Summer of 2010, we added John Lane as our vocalist and Paul Campbell (ex-Cyclosarin) on bass, we added Mark Hazelton's sister, Sarah, to the band playing keyboards and Arlo Tippit (ex-Embrace The Embers). This made our lineup grow from 4 to 6. We recorded our Invasion EP with this line-up from late 2010 to summer 2011. It was recorded by D. Braxton Henry (ex-Devourment, Even The Dead Love A Parade) and released in October 2011 on Swimming With Sharks Records. Arlo and Sarah parted ways with the band in early summer of 2011. We then added Yaseen Benhalim behind the drum kit in late summer of 2011 and we began programming the keyboard parts.

Vocalist John Lane and bassist Paul Campbell left the band, due to personal circumstances, in early 2012. We brought in Mike Parra (Onward We March, ex-Labotomy) on bass, and Sean McFarlin (Vengenance With A Smile, Ancient Decay, Unto Acheron, The Ripple Effect) on vocals. Around April of 2012 we found a new vocalist in Brad Christopher (ex-Silent Holocaust, ex-Cyanide Crisis, A Threat To The Enemy) and he joined the band from May to September of 2012. On Bass we added Sean McWhorter in May of 2012. We parted ways with Brad Christopher due to musical and stylistic differences. In October of 2012 Eric Daughtery (ex-The Destro) joined the band on vocals.

We recorded one single with Eric called, "Death Is A Lonely Business", again with D. Braxton Henry. Then in April 2013, Eric left the band due to personal circumstances. We have a new vocalist now and are currently hard at work on a new record. We are also transitioning styles from deathcore to blackened death metal. This transition can be seen in the song, "Death Is A Lonely Business".

In just a few short years, The Brothers Highhorse have shared the stage with national metal acts such as : Decapitated, Bleeding Through, The Faceless, All Shall Perish, The Red Chord, Veil Of Maya, Oceano, Vital Remains, Animals As Leaders, Born Of Osiris, Upon A Burning Body.

In October 2013 The Brothers Highhorse announced that founding guitarist Dan Sharp moved from guitars to vocals, and the band also revealed a new logo.