Infest - Biography

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Infest is born in 2003 in the Basque country and more especially in Bayonne and is composed by 4 members: Pat/Bass, Bud/Vocals, Flow/Guitar and Sbeu/Drums. The band plays an aggresive music between Crust, Grind and brutal HxC. In January 2005, after 2 years used to write new tracks in the darkness of their rehearsal room, our 4 furious released a 4 tracks which got good feedbacks from the Underground media. In 2006, a new 3 tracks promo CD has been released by Petunkeib records and the band signed a deal with Deadsun / Hurricane entertainement. The full length "Feel the rage" composed by 11 tracks in the INFEST vein is released in the beginning of 2007. The distribution is carried out by Season of mist for France, Rock Inc for Benelux Germany and Spain and Extreme Agency for Italy. INFEST shared the stage with tons of bands and featured on the bill of the famous soul grinding festival for the last edition in February 2007. The band was in Spain and Portugal for a second tour in November of 2007. In 2008 INFEST will focus on the writing of a new full length which should be released in 2009.