Age Of Woe - Biography



2010 saw the birth of Age of Woe. The band was the result of a summoning of people from the Gothenburg punk and metal scene. It all started during the summer of 2010. Fueled by the desire to explore new territories in the vast landscapes of punk and metal, the search for congenial spirits begun. The journey could proceed.

2011 was a great year in many ways for Age of Woe. The band recorded and released their debut 7″ EP in September, and digitally through Pivotal Rockordings in December, which received a lot of positive reactions and great reviews all around. To promote the release, Age of Woe decided to live stream a short set they played at the Belly of the Whale studio in Gothenburg. It turned out to be more successful than anyone ever thought it could be. A lot of great shows were played during the year, including a mini-tour in Germany, and ended with a great gig at the Scorched Tundra Festival at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg together with As You Drown, Zombiekrig, Marionette and Eldrimner. During the second part of 2011 the work on the next big project started, which will be their first full length album. It culminated in a trip to a cottage in the woods, where the band isolated themselves for a week to work more intensely on the album.

In 2012 Age of Woe went out on a European tour in April and was carried through with a great result. Back home from the tour, the work on the album resumed and in In July the band teamed up with legendary producer Lennart Östlund (Led Zeppelin, Candlemass) from Polar Studios and Carlos Sepulveda (No Hawaii, Joe Baresi, Psycore etc) to make there album debut. The band retreated to the country side outside of Bettna in Sweden and took refuge in and 18th century estate named Rosenhanska Magasinet to record the forthcoming album named Inhumanform. The music for this album was recorded live in 4 days and after that the band headed home to Gothenburg to do vocals and mixing at Belly of the Whale studio with Carlos Sepulveda behind the desk. Inhumanform was mastered by Brad Boatright at AudioSiege (Sleep, High On Fire, From Ashes Rise). In a time when modern recording technology can make anyone sound like a star Age of Woe decided to do the opposite; to be 5 friends standing in a room playing music they love. This is what makes this record sound unlike and like nothing else on this earth.

2013 is the year in which the highly anticipated album Inhumanform will be released. May 31st is the date. Some tours and festival appearances are taking formů