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They play their own type of genre-defying metal in which they call "Future Fusion Metal", which can be described as industrial metal with influenced polyrhythmic song structures, although the term polyrythm is used loosely in this context as their use of rhythm is more convoluted than this term implies. They are now working on an album for a 2006 release.

Their former singer, Michael Bøgballe, left in September of 2005, and was replaced by ex-Transport League singer Tony Jelencovich, but on April 17, 2006, it was announced that Jelencovich would no longer be singing for Mnemic. The replacement was recently confirmed to be Guillaume Bideau, formerly of the French band Scarve.

MNEMIC is a band that is hard to catagorize and hardly can be described with a certain label. Their sound is modern, heavy and might kick every fuckin' ass around. The quintet reaches from northern Europe, Denmark and has been in existence for about eight years now. MNEMIC has always been in doubt regarding the definition of their own music. People described it as a kind of Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal up to Nu Metal; so they decided to describe their sound as Fusion Future Metal. The music is supported by keyboards, samples and guitarsynths, to create a spacy atmosphere.

The debut album, "Mechanical Spin Phenomena" is a product of a thousand physical and psychological impressions gathered through the constant bombardement of everyday life in all its forms. MNEMIC has worked through ideas evolved from both images and atmospheres. All put together and torn apart to create a vibe of energy and a level of intense creation not easily found elsewhere. This is MNEMIC's humble attempt to describe and state life as we know it and maybe even more as we don't know it. The recording process in itself was a journey through experiments of sound resulting in compromises growing into an attack on all senses. Variation, melody and brutality all in one. The definition of hell in a dreamstate and the devil in a cornfield leaves the listener with a very strong impression. What is even harder to imagine when you've just listened to "Mechanical Spin Phenomena" and "The Audio Injected Soul" is that this is just the beginning.

Both albums where recorded at the AntFarm ( Studios in Denmark, produced by Tue Madsen (Rob Halford, The Haunted, Sick Of It All, Kataklysm and others) & MNEMIC.

MNEMIC actually is the Greek word for "memory"; in the case of the band it stands for "Mainly Neurotic Energy Modifying Instant Creation".

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