Omb - Biography




Long gone promises, frustration, sex, ADHD and personality disorders, low self-esteem versus delusions of grandeur, love, failures, and the constant need for self-expression - these are the things dreams are really made of.

Omb started as a 3 piece project from Haifa, Israel. Formed by Or Rozenfeld (Bass ,Contrabass), Davidavi Dolev (Vocals) and Yuval Tamir (Drums, percussions) at the end of 2009 as a traditional 5 piece act.

They performed under the name Of Marble's Black within the Israeli metal scene and harvested great superlatives from local critics. However, the guys were looking for something more than the usual construction of a song. After a year of live playing, bored by today's metal scene, the band decided to focus only on searching after the music which will become the band's first album - SwineSong (Recorded between march 2012 - june 2012).

The band's new name - Omb (pronounced as read) - hints about the direction the band is taking: just like the name has no meaning, so does the genre; everything is possible.

In this album, the band wanted to present to the listeners the places the members were, as musicians, throughout the process. In order to obtain that unique sound, Omb recruited old and new friends (mostly unknown) from different genres to bring their own style of playing into each song. The album was self-composed, self- arranged and self-produced.

With the massive help of Yuval Kramer (guitarist of Amaseffer and Reign of the Architect) as sound engineer, and Andre' Alvinzi and Jens Bogren's (Fascination Street Studios) on mixing and mastering, Omb achieved their first goal - A debut metal album that does not stop interacting with different sub-genres, has hidden intertextualities, self-sense of humor, and tons of both lyrical and musical honesty.

Acknowledging it is a never ending road, Omb has already proceeded to work on the next album, with higher ambitions and much bigger artistic expectations from themselves.

At the end of 2012, after a long and thriving musical relationship in different projects -
Omb had officially joined forces with Yuval Kramer, making their next musical effort a four vertexed circle.

Each of the four is currently playing in other projects as well, touring the world, guesting as live and studio session musicians and, lately, arranging and producing music for new artists in Israel.

Their debut album SwineSong will be released on September 1st, 2013, as the first release under their new private independent group Ward7.

Trust them - It is only going to get worst.