Lingua Mortis Orchestra - Biography


On Friday, 2nd of August - apposite to their upcoming show at the Wacken Open Air on the next day - LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA will release their new album via Nuclear Blast Records, concisely entitled LMO.

The entire album was composed by Victor Smolski except "The Devil's Bride" and "Eye For An Eye" by Peavy Wagner and Victor Smolski. Victor cooperated with two orchestras from Spain and Belarus, enlarging the number of this mammoth project's participants to more than 100. Together with long-term co-producer Charlie Bauerfeind (Blind Guardian, HammerFall among others), Victor Smolski produced and mixed the record in "Twilight Hall Studio" Krefeld, Germany. The final mastering is to be done within the next days.

LMO's lyrics follow an exciting concept on the burning of witches in Gelnhausen in 1599, written by vocalist Peavy Wagner and based on a true story. Apart from the three Rage musicians, two female vocalists belong to LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA's regular cast: Jeannette Marchewka and soprano singer Dana Harnge. Guest vocals were contributed by Henning Basse (ex-Metallium), among others.