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L'Hiver En Deuil - Biography


Used on Ter Aarde. [EP]


L' Hiver en Deuil, harsh - mournful - melancholic. The winter of 2009/2010 seems to be the most unrelenting in years. It is in these days of cold that Kevin (at that time still in Gates Of Argonath) brings me into contact with drummer Johan, who had just parted ways with Infernal Dream. My original intention was to give it another go with Sarin, hoping for a revival of that band with Johan on drums.

After a while, disappointed in the ways things were running in Sarin, (leading to Sarin's definitive end during the autumn of 2010), the idea raises to start a new band with Stieg (also ex-Sarin) on guitar and Johan on drums.

The first music under the new moniker L' Hiver en Deuil shows a clear change in direction compared to our previous band(s). A change of style which Stieg briefly introduced in Sarin by means of the song "Regret". His new compositions leaning more and more towards post BM, saturated with lots of repetition and the inclusion of hypnotic melodies to conjure a melancholic trance-like state. Also, Johan's atmospheric characteristic piano intermezzo's are becoming a key element to the sound of L'HED, his playing evoking a feeling of total desolation.

Add this up with surroundings of our rehearsal place...and you should pretty much have a good idea what L'HED is all about. At that point in time, all was achieved through our unholy trinity. We did find a new guitar player to complement Stieg, but his stay was only very briefly. It was more than obvious that when Kevin parted ways with GOA we asked him to join our ranks. At the moment I'm writing this stuff, December 2010 we already have 5 songs finished and a lot more songs on the make. L'HED will now be looking for a bass player to complete our line-up and to fulfill the last missing piece in our sound.

We hope we can hit the stage in the Summer of 2011. Watch out for this space cause we see live performances as a total experience, far from the ordinary... David, December 2010 for L' Hiver en Deuil.

On September 17, 2013 the band released their debut EP, Ter Aarde..