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Lvcifyre - Biography




Lvcifyre was invoked in late 2007 by T. Kaos (guitars/vocals) and T. Slutsodomizer (guitars), both involved in the death-breath erection of Adorior. A few months into existence Lvcifyre welcomes S. Bonewhipper (of Witchmaster and Devilyn fame) on the drums. 2008 sees Alex (The One and Razor Of Occam) join forces on bass.

In October 2008 darkness is made flesh as Lvcifyre enter BST Studio in Paris to record two songs for the first EP titled Dying Light Ov God, released by Blood Harvest Records.

Shortly thereafter the band started experiencing line-up issues, and in 2009 Lvcifyre welcomed Menthor, of Corpus Christii fame, in his capacity as blastbeat conjuror. Cultus and his axe bass supported the Lvcifyre forces in 2010.

In July 2010 darkness was made flesh - Lvcifyre entered the Factory Studio (Poland) and together with Janusz Bryt (responsible for sound production), the band captured The Calling Depths. The band's first full-length will be released in June 2011 by Blood Harvest and Pulverized Records.

In 2011 Lvcifyre welcomed A. Dictator on the second axe.