Cancerous Womb - Biography




Cancerous Womb was the brainchild of guitarist Mike, originally conceived as an online instrumental project in 2005, which never actually materialized. Between '06 & '07, Mike & close friend Chris Lewis (original vocalist) recorded a number of rough tracks which included ideas and titles that would later evolve into the first full tracks written and performed as a band. After releasing these initial fledgling recordings online it was then decided that things should be taken more seriously. Cancerous Womb was officially born during the latter stages of 2008 when Mike and Chris recruited Paul Cook on drums to facilitate the new live direction. Since then we've been writing and 'perfecting' our current setlist whilst gigging/touring modestly. Joe Mortimer was enrolled full time on Bass in Autumn 2011 and 'Bernard' took over on vocals in March 2015.