Gravecode Nebula - Biography




Gravecode Nebula is an experimental black/doom metal band conceptualized by Lord Dying and Hel in the Summer of 2006. Originally starting as a three-piece (Dying: guitar, Hel: bass, Zodiac: drums & vocals) in September of that year, the band played several shows before going on hiatus in late 2007. They returned to the stage in July of 2008 with fresh material and a new drummer, Blackgoat, allowing Zodiac to focus fully on vocals. In October 2009, Lupericus Infernale was welcomed to perform effects and other treatments to add even more to the dark atmosphere.

2011 saw the departure of Blackgoat, who joined in 2008. The debut (and yet untitled LP) was recorded before he left the crew.

2012 is a new era for Gravecode Nebula, with a new drummer and an additional guitarist the universe has expanded and offered the band a new area to explore.