Domovoyd - Biography




Domovoyd was founded in 2010. Later the same year, in October 2010, the band released their first demo which included four tracks of sludge/doom/stoner metal. The demo, Promo 2010, was released under the previous name of the band; Potbelly. Potbelly's (and later Domovoyd's) founding members were: Oskar Tunderberg, (vocals, guitars), Niko Lehdontie (guitars), Dmitry Melet (bass) and Axel Solimeis (drums).

In May 2011 Domovoyd released their first EP entitled Mythonaut which included six tracks of similar music. Mythonaut was about mythological journey through one's mind.

2013 was a big and meaningful year for Domovoyd; the band's debut album, Oh Sensibility, was released through Svart Records, and the band's pure underground years were finally over. Domovoyd's psychedelic, hypnotic and lingering dark cosmic spirals -style of music draws influence from the likes of the spacy Hawkwind and Matt Pike's certain bands (Sleep, High On Fire).

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