Vorna - Biography






Vorna was founded during the autumn of 2008 when Arttu and Henri, childhood friends who had already been jamming together for a little while, met Vesa for the first time on that one fateful night... They all shared the same, strong love for melodic black metal music, and on the very next morning they were already playing some tunes together. In the following few weeks the band was named after a character from the Finnish folklore; 'Vorna'.

At first Vesa was also playing bass while doing vocals, but quite soon he made a decision he would rather concentrate on vocals only. Vesa asked Niilo, a childhood friend and a fellow student from the same high school in Kangasala, if he would be interested in joining the band as a bass player. Only a couple of hours later Niilo was playing with the rest of the guys and the trio had now become a quartet.

In the beginning of the year 2009 Saku joined Vorna as a keyboard player. At that point the music had already got some folkish influences and keyboards were a perfect addition in order to create an even more melodic atmosphere. Although right from the start it was pretty certain that keyboards would be needed.

Months passed, and when winter turned to spring and summer, Mikael found his way to the band as a drummer. Now Vorna had a full line-up for the first time and the band's rehearsing and songwriting could truly begin. Before the end of 2009 Vorna played their first gig and recorded their first demo. The next two years were quite inactive period for the band. Two new demos were recorded in 2010 and 2011, and new songs were composed as well, but the band members' military services in The Finnish Defence Forces kind of made a partial break unavoidable.

In 2012 started the talk about recording a full-length album which would compile Vorna's musical history so far. It was also clear that it was time for 'a studio quality' -release as the earlier demos were all homemade and as such didn't represent the best sides of the material too well. After lots of work with the song arrangements and pre-production demos the recordings of the album finally began in October 2012 in D-Studio, Klaukkala. In 2013 everything was ready and Vorna released their debut album, Ajastaika, through Inverse Records.

Source: http://www.facebook.com/VornaOfficial/info