Altar Of Betelgeuze - Biography





Altar Of Betelgeuze was formed in late 2010 by Matias Nastolin (Decaying), Olli Suurmunne (Stream Of Sorrow, ex-[band]Decaying[7band]) and Juho Kareoja. Actual songs began to form up in the autumn of 2011...

The first EP At The Shrine Of Light was released January 1st 2012.

As Matias and Juho entered the Finnish army nearly right after the release, the band was put on hold for half a year. Late summer 2012 new material started to emerge. The aim was to record another EP release in the near future.

The band was signed to Spanish label Memento Mori in the spring of 2013. Drummer Aleksi Olkkola joined AOB during the summer 2013 to record the upcoming debut album.
"Darkness Sustains The Silence is coming out 1st of January 2014 via Memento Mori. It's an hour long effort, containing eight songs of pure doom/death/stoner metal