Death Mechanism - Biography




After the split-up of O.D.O. in February 2003 (a thrash band founded by Pozza in '97), Pozza decided to continue with new-found band Death Mechanism. Initially the project started as a one-man band; however, not being able to perform live, Pozza immediately decided to record a demo CD with the help of two session members: drummer PiGy (Maelstrom, V-Twin) and lead guitarist Miles (Evil Wishper, V-Twin). Because of a limited budget, the production quality and inherently the band's performance on the demo were not the best. The band's sound at this point was Sodom- and Kreator-influenced old school thrash metal. The demo was reviewed by various magazines and webzines in Italy and carious countries with moderate success.

In September 2003, Rambo (former O.D.O. drummer) made his return, and with the arrival of Daniel on bass the line-up was stable and complete. After a short trial period the band began performing live once more. In February 2004 the band recorded a new 4-track promo CD entitled "Necrotechnology". This time the production quality and performance are significantly better and the band pick up momentum.

Meanwhile, Death Mechanism began to work with the Necroagency for the promotion of the CD and set a series of dates to tour across northern and central Italy playing with various underground bands in addition to opening at a Sadus concert.