The Skull - Biography




The band "The Skull" is made up of 5 very talented members whose main goal is to bring back the unique sound of American Doom Metal band "Trouble" combined with new material which has all the quality and feel of the original sound, plus so much more.

Here's where it gets really good. You might say they're "More Trouble than Trouble"

The Skull includes 3 past member of doom metal legends "Trouble". Eric Wagner (also currently of "Blackfinger"), Ron Holzner (also currently with "Earthen Grave" ) and Jeff "Oly" Olson (Writer of "Heady Metal with Jeff Olson", the band "Retro Grave" and keyboards for Victor Griffin's "In-Graved") all 3 are noted for their talents and strong influence in the metal scene dating back to the early 80's and beyond. In addition to Eric, Ron and Oly , you have the amazing guitar talents of Michael "Mykull" Carpenter and Lothar Keller. Lothar is currently the vocals for "Divinity Compromised". Both Lothar and Michael are from the long standing "Sacred Dawn". Together they make up one of the best guitar teams on the circuit today. They play as one and compliment each other in a way that will surprise and please you. Just close your eyes and listen. Their guitar sounds combined with the talents of Wagner, Holzner and Olson will take you back to those early days.

The Skull has been performing for audiences in the US and Europe and been received with open arms. The music from the older Trouble albums hasn't been performed for a live audience in many years until now and their new songs truly show the talents and creativity of every member of this band. The Skull has the crowds roaring all over again. It's like a journey back in time and now into the future as well.

The Skull has been writing new material for a new album. Plans to get into the studio are in the works and they've begun sharing some of those songs with the excited audiences around the globe. Come see for yourself.