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Vhäldemar was born in the late 90's in Vizcaya (Spain), when guitarist Pedro J. Monge created a band with singer Carlos Escudero. Soon, bass player Oscar Cuadrado joined them.

After composing the first songs, Vhäldemar realized that they had chances to make something important in the world of music and Edu Martínez (former drummer of Anarko) joined the band.

In June of 2001, the recording sessions of a demo album started at The Rock Studios, with Carlos Kreator. This album included three new songs ('Lost World', '7′ and 'Patroklus') and a cover of Barón Rojo's 'Breakthoven'.

Arise Records liked the songs and released ther first complete album, 'Fight to the End', in March of 2002.
The album was recorded by Carlos Kreator, produced by Vhäldemar and mastered at 'New Sin Studios', by Luigi Stefanini. The cover art was made by Jean-Pascal Fournier (Edguy, Avantasia, Immortal…).

The band started a spanish tour, first with 'Dark Moor' and 'Red Wine' and then supporting the swedish band 'Lost Horizon'.

'Fight to the End' was released all over Europe, Japan, Russia and North and South America.
Vhäldemer was voted as Best International Heavy Metal Band in Brazil and their album was considered the debut album of the year by many heavy metal magazines.

The band also made a cover of 'Gorgar' for the second tribute album to Helloween, 'The Keepers of Jericho'.

In late 2003, Vhäldemar released their second album, 'I Made my Own Hell'. The album was recorded at the Rock Studios with Carlos Kreator and produced by Vhäldemar. The cover art was again made by Jean Pascal Fournier.

This second album received good critics, especially in South America, where the band admited they'd like to make a tour.

Now Vhäldemar is recording their first studio album in The Rock Studios.