Vhäldemar - Biography

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Vhäldemar is a Spanish metal band formed in the late 90s in Vizcaya, when the guitarrist Pedro J. Monge decided to create a group with the singer and rhythmic guitarrist Carlos Escudero. Shortly after the bassist Oscar Cuadrado joined up them.

In June 2001 they released their first demo, recorded in the Carlos Kreator's Rock Studios which included three songs, "Lost World", "7", Patroklus" and a powerful cover of Baron Rojo's song "Breakthoven". The success of the demo brought them a record deal with Arise Records with whom they launched their debut album "Fight to the end" in march 2002 and was released throughout Europe, Japan, Russia, south and North America. In Brazil they were voted as the Best International Heavy Metal Band.

In late 2003, Vhäldemar once again produced by themselves at the New Rock Studios and diving into the production of their second album "I made my own Hell", the band set out to create another masterpiece. They used a wonderful design of Jean Pascal Fournier as a theme for the album artwork.

In 2007 they headlined in the Bilbao BBK Live Festival. By that time, they welcomed the new drummer Alex de Benito into the fold following departure of Eduardo Martínez. During last year 2010, Aitor Lopez (Under Silence) joined the band as a second guitarrist so Carlos Escudero could be able to devote all his attention to singing.

During the same year, they released their third studio album, "Metal of the World", thirteen new songs full of power where technique and feeling merge to walk the path of Heavy Metal. The album was launched live on March 12th in the Kafe Antzokia (Bilbo), opening their Spanish tour.

Currently, the drummer Alex de Benito, due to personal issues, has decided to leave Vhäldemar, therefore the band is focused on the auditions of a new drummer. So, if you live close and you consider yourself a good drummer, that's your oportunity!!!

April 2012 - The Fifth Element is already fully seated on the god of metal: our new drummer, called Gonzalo "Gontzal" Garcia.

He started playing the drums at the tender age of 10. He's currently 19. A very young drummer but also a very powerful one, with a splendid and full of strength technique, forged under the lessons with Spanish best-known dummer, Hasier Oleaga. Gontzal previously drummed on Zaunka, Su Ta Ke (Su Ta Gar's cover band) and still currently performs for the quintet Reborn.

We can assure Gontzal is the replacement we always wanted and that Vhäldemar pieces will be hugely strengthened... The machinery of this whole feeling, WELCOME!

August 2012 marked the departure of guitarrist Aitor Lopez for personal reasons.
We want to thank Aitor for his work in the band over the last years and also wish him the best for the future.

After the success in the last "Leyendas del Rock" festival (August 2012), the god of metal decided to continue with only one guitar. We believe that our guitar-hero and composer Pedro J. Monge can face such challenge, brilliantly.

"Leyendas del Rock" festival marked a milestone for Vhäldemar that will never be forgotten, opening a new path in which, as always, we look forward to your support.
In the same month we also took part in the 20th anniversary of the Ripollet Rock Festival.

"Shadows Of Combat" (2013)

Shadows Of Combat, it has become our forth album. Twelve songs which come out of darkness to see the light in Chromaticity Studios. All the production, mixing and mastering have been done in the same studios, by his manager, our band's guitar-hero Pedro J. Monge.

The LP was published the 1st May 2013.