Lord Dying - Biography




Formed in 2010, Lord Dying come from Portland, Oregon, a place over abundant with purveyors of the heavy riff. A region where the inhabitants are plagued with nerve and joint damage due to lack of sunlight. In a time where everyone is trying to out-sludge or out-doom each other Lord Dying gives something less than a fuck. Members Olson, Capuano, Reid, and Evans are veterans of the heavy metal scene, having played in bands such as Black Elk, Portals, Le Force and Cremains. Smashing the riffs of High On Fire into the groove of Kylesa, Lord Dying have delivered one of the most impressive metal debuts in a long, long time. Lord Dying are poised to be the new heavyweight champions of metal.

[band]Lord Dying have released a sold out 7" and a self-titled tour EP. Says Aaron Beam (Red Fang): "Lord Dying brings the freshest, purest metal riffery I have heard in years. And while the riffs are relentless, the attention to song craft is what compels you to listen to them over and over and over and over."

In January 2013, Lord Dying signed to Relapse Records. Lord Dying recorded their forthcoming full-length debut with Sanford Parker (Nachtmystium, Yob, Rwake) to be released Summer 2013.

In their short time as a band, they have shared the stage with Unsane, Red Fang, Yob, Valient Thorr, Down and Floor. They have braved the west coast twice, the first time alone, only to meet up with crazy prog-shredmeisters Danava and heavy lust-lifers Lecherous Gaze for a few shows, followed a few months later by another co-headling tour with local heavy punishers Nether Regions. In May/June of 2012 Lord Dying travelled coast-to-coast and played some shows as direct support for Black Cobra and Gaza to eventually meet with Witch Mountain and tour with them as direct support for several weeks. In October/November 2012, [band]Lord Dying hit the road to support Red Fang and Black Tusk for another U.S. tour.

Lord Dying are here to pummel with heavy riffs and promote simpler things like Cold brew-Hot Shower. Lord Dying are a young band that has matured well beyond their years into a fully developed titanic heavy metal band.