Vorkreist - Biography




Vorkreist was born in 1999 from the unholy meeting of 5 unpure minds with the will to spread their hate towards humanity and dedication to the black war cult.

Mixing death metal's brutality and bestiality to black metal's aggressivity and rawness, VORKREIST is delivering an uncompromising SATAN dedicated death-black metal.

In 2000 the band has released a promo-demotape consisting of 4 hymns of hate. The demo received a very good response within the underground scene, chaos started to spread.

Vorkreist has delivered his hate on stage for gigs with various black and death metal acts, such as Belphegor, Antaeus, Kaamos,

End of 'O2 the band has recorded a full length album entitled "Sabbathical Flesh Possession", 1O tracks of pure violence and satanic aggression, released in September 'O3 on CD format under XtreemMusic Records (Spain). LP version to be out soon.

With a raw and grim sound, this work prefectly captures the true essence of the old school where Vorkreist blend the brutal and savage Death Metal of bands like Diabolic, Angel Corpse and Morbid Angel, with the aggressive and holocaustic Black Metal of the early works of Impaled Nazarene, Immortal and Bestial Warlust.

(source: http://www.evilnes.com/vorkreist)