Dragonheart - Biography

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The real Dragonheart began on July 10, 1997 in Curitiba / Parana / Brazil, while its members met to go to a show by German Gammaray banda. The original training had the brothers Marco and Marcelo Caporasso, Eduardo Marques and Mauritius Taborda, all had experience in other bands, but had one goal in common, playing professionally in a banda of Heavy Metal. For that joined some of his influences and personal tastes: Heavy Metal of the 80's, classical music, medieval and Celtic. Then began to compose his first songs exploring beyond their influences and favorite bands, the main musical characteristics of each integral, as the extreme strength and accuracy of the battery Marcelo Caporasso, the ability of guitarist and vocalist Eduardo Marques, the palhetadas marked and speed March Caporasso on guitar, vocal and aggressive in the bass Mauritius Taborda. With just over six months of tests and five songs ready, already entered in the studio to record the first demo-CD titled "The Gods Of Ice." This CD are the songs "Gods Of Ice" (the first composition of banda), "Night Corsaries", "Tied In Time", "Dinasty and Destiny" and "Mists Of Avalon."

Recorded in Curitiba, between March and Agosto/1998, with limited resources, this demo-cd also has a limited number of copies (everything was paid for the banda), but the main goal was achieved track until then, which was attracting the interest in any record. Also, because of the strategic distribution of copies of the demo, have started to emerge in the media specialist the first positive criticism on the banda.

After some negotiations in May 1999 was signed the contract with Sao Paulo Megahard record for launching the first album. The recordings were also made in Curitiba, in Studio Clinic, between June and Agosto/1999, with the production of Murilo Rós and even Dragonheart and with the participation of keyboardist Rodrigo Canetti. The CD titled "Underdark" brought all the music demo (regravadas) and five new songs. It was then officially launched in Fevereiro/2000, bringing a rapid and marked Heavy Metal, with what has become one of the marks of Dragonheart, the backing vocals, present in almost all the songs. Without doubt the album had an excellent acceptance by the public and press, both nationally and internationally, receiving critical praise and highly positive. This from Abril/2000, Dragonheart been invited to several shows, some of them merit a special focus, as the opening of the show in Curitiba NIGHTWISH banda / PR (14/Jul/2000), a Festival in Presidente Prudente / SP with an audience of about 3,000 people (18/Nov/2000) and 1 st Brazil Metal Union in Sao Paulo (09/Dez/2000).

In early 2001 the banda has met and established a work plan, which were set out several steps's career Dragonheart, with the main, the definition of a trilogy (comprised of March Caporasso) for the next CD's of banda, the search with a new record and the intensification of compositions of songs that would be part of the second CD, which would be called "Throne Of The Alliance". In Fevereiro/2001, the banda was contacted by a businessman, bringing a proposal very seriously and compatible with what was in the plans, was then closed contract with HTR Records, which arise to deal exclusively affairs of Dragonheart. Along with the record was made an extension of the project's initial CD, and established that the cover of the CD would be borne by the renowned German artist Andreas Marschall and mixing and mastering studio would be made in Finnvoxx (Finland). The recordings were again in Studio Clinic in Curitiba / PR, between June and Agosto/2001. During this period the only break of banda was for the first show of Dragonheart in Rio de Janeiro, on 28/Julho/2001. Due to various problems outside the banda (internal and external economy), the launch of the CD that would be done in Novembro/2001 was postponed to Abril/2002, but the initial project with the HTR, the hood and mastering of the CD were made. It was then launched the expected album "Throne of The Alliance," the first chapter of a dreamlike story that counts on the union of two kingdoms destroyed (Claymor and Fhalkior), forces that seek to ask for help from friends, fight for the reconstruction of the two kingdoms. Again the banda receives an absolute majority in praise by the CD, receiving footnote 9 in the Journal of Rock Brigade and 9 Magazine Roadie Crew, which also led the two magazines to publish materials on the Dragonheart in its editions 194 (September 2002) of Rock Brigade and 41 (Junho/2002) the Roadie Crew. The "Throne Of The Alliance" has also received prominent site in German Metal Reviews elected as the highlight of the month of Julho/2002.

Due to the difficulties faced by the record (in addition to the delay in the launch) the Dragonheart failed to make all the concerts I wanted in 2002, with some major concerts, especially for the Festival of Tribo in Sao Paulo (04/Maio/2002), the first show in Santa Catarina, in the city of Blumenau (11/Maio/2002) and the most recent show held by the banda in Barueri / SP (24/Agosto/2002). In the last show Dragonheart made his only appearance as a trio, due to the departure of Eduardo Marques, communicated officially to the banda in 20/Agosto/2002, despite a last minute change of all took place well, this was considered by the public and the members as one of the best shows made today. Early in September 2002 announced the entry of André Mendes (guitar and voice), by members of the banda Andrew was chosen to have all the characteristics that banda needed to supplement and improve their training. André Mendes is a very experienced musician (already played in some bands in Curitiba) and will bring even more quality to Dragonheart, he has a tone of voice more acute and aggressive and is also a declared lover of Heavy Metal oitentista. The premiere of André Mendes happened in Curitiba / PR, on 06/Dezembro/2002 mill in San Roque, making the opening for the German banda Primal Fear.

After that, two more concerts have been held with the presence of Andrew, one of which is on 01/Fevereiro/2003, in the third edition of Brazil Metal Union (BMU), with an audience of 2,500 people. The fans of Dragonheart can stay calm because the banda continue following their plans, with the continuation of the story told in the CD "Throne Of The Alliance" and maintaining the style of sound, Heavy Metal.