Raunchy - Biography


1992 >
The three youngsters Jesper Tilsted, Jesper Kvist and Morten Toft Hansen start jamming together. The style is mostly coversongs by Metallica and Slayer and in general music influenced by the Bay-Area scene.

1994 >
Lars Vognstrup and Lars Christensen joins the band. The band decide to call themselves: RAUNCHY and starts working their own material.

1995 >
Raunchy records their first demo at Borsing Recordings in Århus. The song "Space Story" taken from the demo is later released on the compilation CD "ExtremityRising vol. 1."

1996 >
Raunchy achieves a second place in a music competition with 130 participating bands. A part of the prize is three days in a studio, which the band uses to record their second demo. The song "Crack of Dawn" is later released on "Extremity Rising vol 3."

1998 >
After almost two years with gigs and song-writing Raunchy decides to enter the Aabenraa Studios with (Invocator-mainman) Jacob Hansen, feeling that his production will be a perfect match to their futuristic sound universe. Soon the band's third demo is a fact.

- For the third time the band appears on "Extremity Rising". This time with the song "Leech" which is given good response in several metal magazines. The members of the band move to Copenhagen and Århus.

1999 >
Raunchy is contacted by Denmark's Radio's P3 who interviews the band and tests the song "Hypnotized" on the radio program "Demokraemen". Despite the hardness of the song it achieves enough votes to enter the list where it remains for several weeks.

2000 >
Raunchy signs a record deal with Mighty Music's sub label Drug(s). A few month later Raunchy enters the Aabenraa Studio with producer Jacob Hansen (ex. Invocator) to record "Velvet Noise". After finishing the album the band is extremely satisfied with the result and Jacob Hansen states "It is the best album I have ever produced".

2001 >
"Velvet Noise" is released in Scandinavia. The album is very well received by the press and is mentioned in quotes such as "Raunchy is the beginning of a new area of modern heavy metal", "One of the best Danish debuts EVER" and "Forget about the latest hype-neo-metal band from L.A. …bow down to Raunchy".

- After the release Jeppe Christensen joins the band and they are busy gigging venues in Denmark with acts such as The Haunted, Withering Surface, Barcode, Iniquity, Freak Kitchen, Jerkstore etc. - Raunchy also performs live on Denmark's National radio destroying, erasing and improving an old Christmas song.

2002 >
As the first Danish band ever Raunchy signs a contract with one of the world greatest metal labels Nuclear Blast. Velvet Noise is released in Europe and again the press results are extremely good. Raunchy plays at the well-known German festival Summerbreeze.

- Raunchy is contacted by famed producer Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot, Glassjaw). He loves their music and wants to travel to Denmark to discuss the future with the band.

- Raunchy records a cover of WHAM´s "Last Christmas" and a new song called "Decemberklar" for Denmark's National radio. The songs are a huge success in Denmark and they are played over and over again on the radio every day in December.

2003 >
"Velvet Noise" is released in North America and so far the reviews seems to be going as good as in Europe. Raunchy's second album is recorded in July and August again with producer Jacob Hansen.

In January 2005 the band parted ways with their label Nuclear Blast. A new contract was sealed with Lifeforce Records in early December.