User Ne - Biography

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User Ne was formed in 1996 by Hils Ver III, who wanted to combine elements of extreme metal with epic and dark. So it was that came into contact with Bossu Morbius El tolerant and Xalen D Kharnash to implement certain projects. The three of them recorded and released its first demo, soon after Ashkar joined the band and so the project became a solid group. Since then a number of changes have occurred in line-up. The name has a historical significance for the most part. It was the name of the last clan that inhabited the ancient settlement of Malaga, around the year 2903 BC, and according to historical information it was a very violent clan, who wanted to defend his roots and was very attached to their origins. They identify with that clan, hence the name User Ne. Their music is the fruit of years of evolution and experimentation; they are all professional musicians with musical evolution began in previous band. Since they have a wide range of tools, we can experience music with flutes, clarinets, synthesizers, samplers, etc. Always squeeze the most of every element. Specifically they made use of all the ethnic elements that we could find in the music. They wanted to make a body fusion epic literature, and extreme metal music taking its roots region. Nibelum Das Uhört is their first album. Later would come: "Taranto" (2003) and "Atropa Natura" (2006). The band split up in 2008 to take different careers.