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01. Cucked (Intro)
02. The Left Are the Real Fascists
03. Zyklon /b/
04. XXXL Obersturmfuhrer Leather Duster
05. Incel Warfare
06. Please Respond (I Showed You My Penis)
07. The Fetishization Ov Asian Women Despite A Demand For A Pure White Race (Outro)

Neckbeard Deathcamp
01. White Genocide
02. Nightcore Covers Of Peste Noire Songs
03. Chrischan Conservatism

04. The Alt-Reich Will Lay In Mass Graves Under The Blazing Banners Of Antifa
05. Growing Cold In The Early December Dawn

01. Cucked 2: The Phantom Menace
02. Shitpostnacht
03. Operation NEET
04. What Are The Cargo Pockets For, Lanza? Extra Mags?
05. Horseshoe Theory
06. Bricks Out For Harambe
07. Tolerance Candle
08. Unironically Calling Someone The Untermensch From A Facebook Account With An Azumanga Daioh Profile Picture
09. Conservative Crybullying
10. /r/iamverysvart
11. Pozerfaust Division