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Cunt Heir To The Throne [EP]

01. Instant Circulation
02. Garlic Breakfast
03. We Will Bring Our Riot To The Courtyard Of The Cunt Heir To The Throne

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Sleepwell Deconstructor
6.8 | 4 votes

01. Day One: Insomniawesome
02. Day Two: They Followed The Scent Of Jihad All The Way To The Thieves Paradise (We Will Bring Our Riot To The Courtyard Of The Cunt Heir To The Throne)
03. Day Three: Instant Circulation
04. Day Four: Collapse And Marathon
05. Day Five: Garlic Breakfast
06. Day Six: Fucked As Punk
07. Day Seven: Digital Dogs With Analog Collars
08. Day Eight: Destructioneer Extraordinaire
09. Day Nine: Hollow Factory
10. Day Ten: Swine Into Silk
11. Day Eleven: Threatnurse
12. Day Twelve: All Hands On The Medic

Séance Prime [EP]
7.9 | 8 votes

01. Day Thirteen: The Protest Hour
02. Day Fourteen: Pulse Mavens
03. Day Fifteen: Citizenihilist
04. Day Sixteen: The Iconflict
05. Day Seventeen: Wafer And Wine Of Sandblast Times

Extreme Noise Terror / Trap Them [Split] [EP]
9 | 1 vote

Extreme Noise Terror
01. Religion Is Fear

Trap Them
02. Day Eighteen: Enders

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Seizures In Barren Praise
8.3 | 8 votes

01. Day Nineteen: Fucking Viva
02. Day Twenty Eight: Targets
03. Day Twenty Six: Angles Anonymous In Transit
04. Day Twenty Nine: Reincarnation Of Lost Lones
05. Day Twenty Five: Guignol Serene
06. Day Twenty: Flesh And Below
07. Day Twenty Four: Gutterbomb Heaven On The Grid
08. Day Twenty Three: Invertopia / Day Thirty: Class Warmth
09. Day Twenty One: Roam / Day Twenty Two: Absent Civilian
10. Day Thirty One: Mission Convincers

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Filth Rations [EP]
8 | 2 votes

01. Day Thirty Eight: Carnage Incarnate
02. Day Thirty Nine: Degenerate Binds
03. Day Forty: Dead Fathers Wading In The Bodyground
04. Day Seven: Digital Dogs With Analog Collars

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Darker Handcraft
8.3 | 25 votes

01. Day Forty Two: Damage Prose
02. Day Forty Four: Slumcult & Gather
03. Day Forty One: Every Walk A Quarantine
04. Day Forty Three: Evictionaries
05. Day Thirty Two: All By The Constant Vulse
06. Day Thirty Four: Sordid Earnings
07. Day Thirty Three: The Facts
08. Day Thirty Five: Saintpeelers
09. Day Forty Six: Manic In The Grips
10. Day Thirty Seven: Sovereign Through The Pines
11. Day Forty Seven: Drag The Wounds Eternal
12. Day Thirty Six: Scars Align

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10 June 2014