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Internal Suffering - Discography

This band's profile is 'invisible', meaning that it's much less prominent on the site - either because it's incomplete, or maybe doesn't entirely fit MS format.

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7.5 | 2 votes |
01. Mighty Triumphant Return
02. Valley Of The Impaled
03. Evil Sorcerers
04. Daemons Awakening
05. Outside Dwellers
06. Threshold Into The Unknown
07. Enter The Gate Of Death
08. Beyond The Mystic Portal Of Madness
09. Supreme Knowledge Domain
10. Summoning The Ancient Ones
11. Unmercyful Extermination [bonus]
12. Dominating Thunderous Force [bonus]
13. Breeders Of Chaos [bonus]
14. Outside Dwellers [bonus]

8 | 1 vote |
01. Unmercyful Extermination
02. Dominating Thunderous Force
03. Breeders Of Chaos
04. Outside Dwellers [new hyper brutally improved version]
05. Catacombs Devourer
06. Decapitation Of The Weak
7.2 | 5 votes |
01. The Unfolded Conquest Of The Universe (Intro)
02. Chaotic Matrix (Prelude I - Onward To Termination)
03. Colossal Vortex (Prelude II - Phenomenal Spectrum)
04. Lurking Monstrosity (Prelude III - Ancient Oceans Dweller)
05. Cosmic Ancient Mountain (Upcoming Chaos I - The Tree Of Knowledge)
06. Reborn In Victory (Upcoming Chaos II - The Unholy Manuscript)
07. Cataclysmic Origin (Upcoming Chaos III - Unleashed Astral Chaos)
08. Vatican Bombardment (Upcoming Hecatomb I - Dominion Of The Xul)
09. Destroyer Entity (Upcoming Hecatomb II - Center Of Destruction)
10. The Antiquary Horror (Interlude - At the Edge Of Madness)
11. Decapitation Of The Weak (Upcoming Hecatomb III - Arrival Of The Highest Hierarchy)
01. Choronzonic Force Domination - I Am The Power 333 Of The Tenth Aethyr!
02. Orbiting Chaosphere - Primal Chaos Manifestation
03. Summon The Gods Of Chaos - Projected Into The Abyss
04. Legion - We, as One…Domnation
05. Baphomet Invocation - Ancient Gods Return
06. Across The Tenth Aethyr - Transcending Into The Outerworlds
07. Dragon's Rising - Macrocosmic Guardian Of The Threshold
08. Dispersion And Darkness 333 - In The Outermost Abyss It Dwells
09. Enter The Gate Of Death - …Into The Darkly Shinning World

Internal Suffering
01. Valley Of The Impaled
02. Summoning The Ancient Ones
03. Unmerciful Extermination
04. Vatican Bombardment

Inducing Terror
05. Precision In Annihilation
06. Overtaker
07. Locomotive
08. Jihad
09. Pleatherface
10. World Of Pain
8.8 | 11 votes |
01. Intro: Thelemite Forces Attack
02. Awakening Of The Rebel (The Universe Shall Be Ours... Awake!)
03. Magnificent Uranus Power (The Dark Side Of The Sun - Bringer Of Knowledge)
04. Transfiguration Of The Devotee (Reborn Within The Womb Of Babylon)
05. Arrival Of A New Aeon (New Equinox Of The Gods)
06. Evocation Of The Secret Gate (Crossing The Hidden Barrier... I Am Immortal!)
07. Masters Of Sorcery (The Terrible Invokation Ov Tzeentch!)
08. Ascension To Immortality (Apotheosis Of Freedom)
09. Highest Key Of The Illuminati (Liber Samekh)
10. Thelemic Conqueror (The Splendor Of A New Law)

7.1 | 9 votes |
01. Ride The Mountains Of Madness [Intro]

Chapter I
Ancient Dwellers Outside The Circles Of Time
02. Unleash The Antarctic Colossus
(Prevail In The Universe With Crowning Might... Kadath Is The Vortex!)
03. Omnipotent Triumvirate
(The Second Call Of Cthulhu | Heirs Of Might)
04. Vanished From Cosmos
(Parallel Orb Inception... Expelled From The Nebula!)

Chapter II
Aeonian Passages To Unfathomable Dimensions
05. Monumental Crusade
(Portal Of Universal Secrets | Revitalized Into... Amenta!)
06. Dimension Of The Wicked
(Creation Of Phenomenal Existence... Into The Tunnels Of Set!)
07. Upon Mystical Gateways
(Defeat The Primal Fear... Unity Lies Beyond The Cosmos!)
08. Cyclonic Void Of Power
(One With Eternity | Outer Gateways)

Chapter III
Of Frozen Wastelands And The Mythos Beyond...
09. Abominable Highlands
(Into The Monolithic Citadel Of Nyarlathotep!)
10. Protectors Of The Slumber Empire
(Inhabitants Of The Watchtower | Polaris In The Sky)
11. Órbitas Ancestrales De Poder
(Vorágine De La Negación | Efigie De Lo Supremo... 333!)