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Tales Of The Coffin Born
7.8 | 5 votes

01. Coffin Birth (Sarg Geburt)
02. Morbid Child
03. That Thing Which Lurks In Shadows
04. Necromantic Ways
05. The Terrible Old Man
06. Sins Of The Father
07. Spirits Of The Dead
08. Nightmares Made Flesh
09. Sepulcher Macabre
10. Fall Of The House Of The Grotesque

The Facts And Terrifying Testament Of Mason Hamilton: Tsathoggua Tales
6.6 | 5 votes

01. The Madness (Of Mason Hamilton)
02. A Terrifying Testament: The Things That Lie Below Mount Voormithadreth
03. Arrival: Tomb Of Toads
04. Beware They Who Burrow Beneath
05. Gaze Of Ghatanathoa (I Had A Nightmare)
06. Amongst Black Slime And Mushroom People
07. The Chtullhu Prophecy
08. Tsatthogua - The Black God Of N'Kai
09. Entrapped Within Atlach-Nasha's Web
10. Psychopompos Lamentations For A Dying World
11. Dreams Of Terrors In Darkness & Horrors Out Of Shadows