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01. The Author Of The Burning Flock
02. The Wanderings Of Ophelia Through The Untamed Countryside
03. On The Eve Of The Grimly Inventive
04. Within Deepest Red (The Opening Of...)
05. An Autumn To Cripple Children
06. A Voice In The Piano
07. The Music And Woe Between Horse Thieves
01. And From The Seas The Sickening Things
02. I Painted The Suicide Of Neptune
03. The Curious Cave Of Deformities
04. In Swathes Of Brooding Light Skeletal Birds Scratch At Broken Windows
05. Human Mannequin Puppeteer
06. Licking At The Nesting's Of Young Fledglings
07. Amethyst Lung Concerto [bonus]
08. Within Deepest Red (The Opening Of..) [bonus]
09. The Theory Of Sexual Carvings [bonus]
10. A Voice In The Piano [bonus]