Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Allegro Barbaro lyrics


01. The Last Hope Burned Down To Dust

To live is to die, the last hope burned down to dust
Out of mind but without any fear waiting for the end now
On our way to downfall, thoughts drifting in the sea of passion
I had read the book of life and it killed me

Hate for your lies burns in my heart
Why does falseness always have to win?
I wanna unfold my soul
Don't wanna be imprisoned by you

My comfort my death will be yours as well
Face to face with death we are all the same
Lost in visions I all hope fades out
What remains is just a high

02. Sometimes

Sometimes I fear to wake
Sometimes I fear the next day
Ill humour seems to crush me
Agonising pain stronger than the ideal?

Sometimes I fear that nobody stands up
Sometimes I fear that nobody defends himself
Sometimes I fear to be restless for all eternity and
Sometimes I fear that my fear gets lost

03. Perfect Without Mercy

What has happened with you
Did your emotions go away?
Your life
Just a hunt for bucks
But you've been running behind the life...in vain!
You've been kicking the beaten ones as winner
Like others have already done it before

04. The March Of Revenge

Famine - the soul of mankind
Pestilence - the plague of mankind
War - the horror of mankind
Death - the best for mankind

Recompense for your wasted time
Result of your sins

Don't beg for mercy
Your last chance is gone
The time has come for
The march of revenge

You demand humanity, but you are inhuman
You demand justice, but you are unjust
You demand love, but you kill
You want to protect, but you destroy

Don't beg for mercy
Your last chance has gone
The time has come for
The march of revenge

We judge, cause we are judges
We destroy, cause we create
We create, cause we destroy
We like to see you suffer

We, the guardians of this planet!

05. Game Of Violence

Defeated in the game of violence, screams just dying away
Defeated in the game of the Teutons, tears accompanying their power
Defeated in the game of lies, the scum feigning you sterile love
Defeated in the game of fate, defeated in the game of violence

The game of violence deadly silence

Irony of life, you are playing human in vain
Irony of madness, superior cultures, death adorning its traces
Irony of the game, the lust while killing lasts unsatisfied
Irony of violence, your rage your hate your mental agony

06. Heavy Metal

Can you feel the power of this song
The energy it is giving you
Brothers united in mind
'Cause Metal is our law

Heavy Metal is our law
Heavy Metal we are proud and standing tall / we'll never fall
Heavy Metal is what we feel
Heavy Metal harder than steel

Proud 'n' Free like will of steel
Our hearts are as pure as the silence of a night
We are brothers of Metal united in fight
'Cause Metal is our law

Listen to your hearts, they don't defraud you
This shall be our fighting song
Even the world is black and hope gets lost
We'll stand together until the end of time

Our life belongs to Heavy Metal
Our fight applies to its enemies
We'll fight for our right
To live like we want

07. Dance With Me

I dance every morning 'til the sun goes down
I laugh loud as long the world turns round
The end draws near, every evening, day by day
Come dance with me, it is too late

The world is black, it's the way it should be
There's not much time left to shoe emotions
And so we dance joyfully into the end
Come with me, I'm prepared
And laughing we dance into the darkness

Life is seldom beautiful
Be patient, one day you will comprehend
Every day humanity dies
To love somebody there's not much time
New born megalomanice to possess
To rule is to blame

08. The Fire

Destroyed what once burned so great and glorious inside me
The fire that never seemed to fade
The life took me every sense
Unimportant all those years of striving for perfect glory

The flame once burning so great and glorious turned me into stone
Love turned into hate, hope into pain
You shall perish, you who took my dreams
You shall die 1000 years, my hate is blind

10. No Questions

Everything is clear now
Our aim is fixed in our hearts
If you know the way
Nobody is in the mood to stop you

Don't demean yourself
You've chosen the light and not the pain
So just live and fight

No questions, no fear, the solution is near
Much you've got to learn and great power you will earn

Delight and fortune
Easy to get
For the one, who's finished with dependence on fate

11. The Smell Of Death

The smell of death is in the air, and dead bodies I see everywhere
Just machine people, all our hope is lost
The courage the pride the souls have these costs

You never learned to think and your ship will sink
I try to see a sign of hope in your eyes, but I just see decay and lies

12. Revelation

Is love pain?
Fortune paralysed by fear?
The quest of deepest darkness
Although the creature strives for the light

Love, depraved mysterium...revelation?
Are we falling into the most tremendous of all storms?
Can eternity only mitigate?
The crown of creation rose to rule to be subject

The beast has left us
Gaja will be the judge
Love, depraved mysterium...revelation...downfall
Love, depraved mysterium...revelation...downfall!

13. Total Human End

The day will come and nothing will be heard
That's the great silence
This will be the day of retribution for all the pain and injuries that mankind has
caused to our mother earth and at the same time the day of deliverance of
the earth and of all suffering souls

All will be silence
Not a single human
voice, no human beeing, conceited about it's ability to speak, can make a
single noise

It seems that the Creation swallows the dull routine of everyday
life to get attention for the imminant apocalypse at hand
The biggest machines and factories, built from 'human hands', are quiet, dead and insignificant
And nature, all living creatures, all the growing and blooming
things, the water and the air will be silent
But not dead

Deep inside the Creation a noise is growing which has never been heared before, born of the pain and the suffering of every living creature
One can not hear it, but you can feel it in your bones and the whole world is shaking because of it
Penetrating, and it rises up to a river of screaming, draughning everyone and
Nothing will be left and in the end there will be a great silence and eternal peace!