Skylark - Divine Gates Part II - Gate Of Heaven lyrics


01. Among The Clouds

White Warrior?

Yeah, I'm here!

This is the time to realize.
This is the way to go.
Riding The Ivory Stormwind.
I will penetrate the fog.

We'll never find the answers.
To the eternal fire.
The wizard knocks to my heart.

'Cause I just want to meet some angels.
'Cause we don't want to lose the truth.

Captured by the dark.
The Battle is going to start.
Don't you be afraid? We stay among the stars.

So trust in me and you will see, over the
rainbow, our God can fill our dreams.
The Cross will sign the prophecy while we are
fighting among the clouds.

I want to know the Holy Ghost
I'll stick to my magic gun.
Music is guiding my adventure.
Mankind is needing God.

We really want to do it.
It will be so easy.
This melody is a winner.

This is the last day in which we find.
The Endless power of our love.

02. Who Is Gods?

You and I are able to walk through that fire.
You and I are so brave to talk with our God.
There is no time to wait for another solution.
The Devil is coming from Hell and his bombs
will explode.
I'm alive but my heart is going to stop itself.
There is no life without
the pure light of our soul.
Floating on the arms of some Angels we are
approaching to God.
The wings of these creatures are embrace our
body so strong.

Knocking on the Doors of the Blue Heaven...
We will find a Devil instead of God: I'm alone,
so alone, why?

After a trip just to protect our world we
discover a Devil reborn.
Satan is an Angel, Lucifer is God. We are really
left all alone!
There is no more grace, there is no sacrifice,
there is no pleasure,
there is no more love.
Princess come back: we are needing your help...
If you can understand who is God!
Could you please understand who is God?

You and I are won by this Terrible Power that
inside changed the Mission of God.
We don't believe anymore in a Holy Solution.
The trace of Satan is rising,
is getting New York.

Who is God?
Who is God?
Who is God?
Who is God?

It's just a desire so...
Please come next to me!
A phantom of darkness.
But I'll carry on!

03. Lady Of The Sky

In the streets where eagles play and my dreams
are far away. Heaven will break in my heart.
Take my thoughts, don't turn away, only You can shine my day (You know)
I will survive in Your Star!

Lost in the nights, my soul is rising and crossing
that line. High in the light, somebody
shows me the way to the Sky.
Sometimes I try. I try to forget Your sweet
look from my mind. You cannot hide, yourself
I'll find in some corners of Your Sky.

Fast your life will fly away but I'll bring it
back to You. Close your eyes to throw away
the iced tears you passed through.

Give me Your smile, my Lady of the Sky.
Blow Your Love...and I will ride on this.

Lost in the night, clouds are running fast
where the eagles lay died. Try to survive, even
in the dark will make you blind.
Hearing my cries, leading the way in a place
without time. Shoot to my life, but I'll find
you in a corner of Your Sky.

Live this night, don't send a prayer just try to
find your dreams.
Take my hand, don't be afraid to show me what
You feel.

Follow this last ride down to Hell, come to
this last ride down to Hell:
follow the Legend, jump on your darkness.
Follow this last ride up to Hell, after this last
ride up from Hell:
riding the Legend, crossing the darkness.
We broke the rules, we left the Hell, wings of
the night will start to
tell. Shining a feeling, fighting until you can!

The Mystery

Don't leave me, don't squeeze me. I'm going

The White Star is shining, follow this way!

Lucifer is a loser,
Mankind obey!!!

The Rainbow

Now I will come and the
Darkness around us is going to
become a simple nightmare or a dream.

Just a dream I see our way, I want to still this
while. There's no fear no one can blame: This
Kiss will never die...

Give me Your smile, my Lady of the Sky.
Hold me now...don't ever let me go!

In the streets where eagles play and my dreams
can shine my day, please
don't wake up me...let me fly.

05. Insanity The Truth

In the darkest night I see the Heaven is falling.
In the darkest night
I'll raise my flag over me.
In the darkest night I'll walk the path of our
glory. In the darkest
night there is a fire that burns with my dreams.

In the darkest night (x4)

I see the time has come.
Will you possess the truth?
I will fight for our glory!
My heart is ready to explode...

Northern world is next to Hell, the Assassin of
the Darkness now is ready to come back.

My Crystal Sword is ready yet. I really seem to
find what Mankind are looking for.

I would like to draw a line who bring us the
True Heaven and Erase the Devil Lies.
In this night of Fantasy. The madness will possess
you there's no other way to run.

I guess the time is right reflecting on the
future, in my thoughts and in my dreams...

I guess the time is right.

My mind will spring and come....
The is no other way...

We wll protect the World.

Somebody's crying tonight. Heaven is Hell for
a while...Insanity is the truth. It's time to
look around us. I'm sailing to the North.

Somebody's crying tonight. Heaven is Hell for
a while...

Insanity is the truth, It's time to look around us.

We're sailing to the North.

If our God will reign in
Hell, we find the Golden Cross and our hopes
will fade away! Angels please come back to me
or Lucifer will get our Planet and our love.

I guess the time is right we ride the wings of
Heaven, in my thoughts and in my dreams...

My soul will drive my mind on the longest
road of Heaven, in my thoughts
and in my dreams...

Somebody's crying, somebody's crying...(x3)

There is no other place to run!
My heart is dying all alone!
Please, bring me back my God!!

06. The Guardian Angel

In front of the dark church of Heaven we are
searching for the truth...

My mind is blind, I'm going insane...
I can't pronounce even the Holy Name.

Don't push your brain, Don't waste your time
and I will show you the Sacred Sign.

But I, among the Mankind I cry,
throwing my bad dreams
from my mind away,
until my weapons are ready to stay
along the Lucifer's Lane.

My strength has gone, my road is dark, the
final battle
is going to start.

The fire burns, the Angels pray, the Eternal
Flame rise and shine again.

'cause I, among the Mankind I cry,
pushing your bad
dreams from your mind away,
until my faith will
protect our game,
to join the warm of the Flame.

'cause I'm the Guardian Angel,
so lost to take control...

The sound of time is watching you and now I
really come:
my Guardian Angel.

'cause I'm the Guardian Angel,
I'm lost to take control...
My only mission is to save
the world, so I'm ready to give my soul!

07. The Heaven Church

The last night falls on my mind, I see Devil
steps are behind, I'm feeling sure, in the arms of
the church. I want to escape from your gaze, I
want to light our blaze, to warm my
heart and to burn my old fears...strong.

But now the Star is rising,
we trust in more and more.
My Lord will light our fire, until we carry on.
There is a magic spirit that open up the gale:
this is the reason why I'll find my way.

The cross will sign the end of our darkness,
black spirits come inside the Heaven Church.
My sword can snatch the heart of the Black
Angel, a hope can start we
praise the Heaven Church.

I want to guide you again, I'm really screaming
your name, you only have
to look after my Star.
I've just discovered the way,
there's nothing to cry or to save Lucifer
you are going to know your defeat...Yeah.

And now the Star is rising, we follow
her shining light. My Lord will
bring his fire to rescue my Mankind.
The trace of magic spirit will push us to the
North. 'cause now the time
is right to throw my sword.

Take me to the fire, show me your desire
Devil is a liar, now we caught his life
Riding on your feelings,
in this storm so thrilling
I can stop your nightmare, I am in the Church.

I'm fighting Belzebu
He won't derange no more
It's only here for you
The Victory has come

Now I want to go under this town, I want to
share this magic sound,
I really want to walk this way.
This is the path of our mistakes...
this is the legion of our souls.

Never ending fire...
Leave Lucifer dying...
In my wildest dreams I can understand a way.
Never ending glory...
This is the brave story...
Let us start the party:
we are going glorify our God.

Bring me to the Heaven.
I will pray forever.

Take me to the Legend.
We have fought together.

My spirit is coming to join the black sword to
the sea. The battle is over, the triumph we got.
Only our love can protect our planet.
The witch from our fears is ready
to leave our souls.

Come back to the Earth, White Warrior, the
danger has disappeared: only your heart can
keep the world in peace, really.
But remember...until love erase hate, nothing
can upset your dreams.
Otherwise a new Devil will be born before you
can think about it. Be careful!

The last night falls on my mind,
the Devil's arms are behind:
I really want to protect our world.
Under the sweet Princess gaze, only a hope can
remain...all my desire
will get our way, now.

So now the star is rising,
I will follow his breeze, my Lord will light
our fire to cure our black disease.
There is a simple prayer that we will cry along.
So now my voice is writing one more song.

The cross will sign the way to Paradise, my
spirit goes to cure the Jesus soul.
There is no way to throw away our pleasure.
We breathe, we love into the Heaven Church.

08. Last Chrstmas In Hell

Now, I can leave the darkest time,
to come back to my Mankind with the
answers in my hand.
Now, I just want to stop my cries, I just ride
a fantasy in my wildest dreams.
Now, we can read the Crystal Balls,
we can only save our souls in the
name of harmony.
Now, we can finally hold the key with the
answers on our way tomorrow and today.

The only solution to kill the evil goals is to
protect our souls, strong:
to find inside the right feeling, you can,
no swords you need for yourself.

We are fighting what we created,
all the Evil Creatures...
So in our heart and our souls.
we get strength and love to win!

Satan, I've just broken what you built and you
wander as you can do but
you will die with Belzebu!
Now, we can live in peace this time and we
wear the winner cloak, bad days are behind.

The only solution to face the Evil sword
is to protect our love, strong:
to find around one more feeling so bad.
no guns you need for yourself...

There is a fire who signs the right way, there is
no demon who menace our faith.
One of the gates is the key of our love, making
your choice you will drive our World.

09. Outro

We've come through this journey
to find out the truth...
But it's inside us the Evil
we must destroy!
So let us find in our heart
the God we are searching.

But how can we find
what has been lost for so long?

Ah...Ah...The answer you are looking for,
you will find...
In the Dragon's Secrets!