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Wastefall - Self Exile lyrics


02. Willow Man

Music & lyrics by Wastefall
I'm standing on a line
Where borders clash
They hear me but I'm never seen

Leave me all alone
Solitaire is crowded
No cause for me
There's nothing deeper

Change me forever
I've lost my soul

BREAK ME- and spare me the action
FACE ME- and welcome destruction
DIG ME- you're scratching the surface
LOVE ME- my soulful disturbance

Totem figures smashed
Dreams of endless dreaming
Shallow graves for deepest fears
Abandoned memories
For bitter tears

03. The Muzzle Affection

Music & lyrics by Wastefall
(At last)…Tomorrow never came
Without belief and solid pain
She cried for freedom and for a change
But crying is easy outside the cage
You said you love me, the muzzle's on
…we set the con

the noose is tight
We cut the cake with wedding's knife
The loyalty, the rings
Eternity attached on strings
We melt the oaths to liquid faith
The seed that's sown is our love's wraith.
I'm not in vain…my love is sane…

Dance hand in hand till death do us part
Lie hand in hand till life do us part
Lost in this bed
Tears that we shed
Upon broken promises that we made

Can't you see that- I'll forget you
Can't you see that- you'll forget me
Can't you see that- I don't care enough
Can't you see that- you don't care enough


04. Dance Of Descent

Music & lyrics by Wastefall
To greet the day and it's light. The sun will depart…. Initiation
The dark ,so friendly and so true
All secrets…will be revealed
In Hades where pale beauty dances
So pure… Initiation
Love is dead to be reborn
''Descent!''. My declaration

Down, Down. The king and queen
Will raise their glass, proclaim this dance

Tonight we walk this holy land
Deny the world, accepting the One
Light- the- sky with spirits and wine
Descending to One

Rise again. The sky's open
In His love we do belong
Cry the tears of the storm
Speak the fires of the sun

05. Another Empty Haven

Music & lyrics by Wastefall
Under those sheets- Rotten dreams and a smell
Stains to the spotless
My last breath in a shell

Missing the cause . Missing you
Missed my kind on the way. Missed the things I could say

Breath to the breathless
Soul to the empty
Core to the hollow
Spit to the swallow

Words stuck in my veins
Choked in my song
Never again will I speak
The things you want to hear

Now I empty my shell
No voice left to tell
About me and my pain
My void screams in your name…

06. Strife For Definiton

Music & lyrics by Wastefall
My One hand nailed to the cross
My other nailed to the sky
And in the dead space in between
I'll force the suns to bleed

I exist in symbols
Carved under my eyes
Shedding mysteries and riddles
Which disguise and then define

And the poison will drop like water
And the children will be fed
The journey roams inside my heart
Pushing the fever, building the pressure

Before I lay down, let me wonder
If there's a sky under my feet
My head's touching the solid ground
Circling worms become my crown

Follow me if you must
Betray me and gain my trust
I'm of this exiled race
The one that left no trace
Our gods will always be
The things that we crave to feel
The truth lies so far from here
Inside an honest tear…

07. Sleepwalk

Music & lyrics by Wastefall
Somewhere inside lies the truth
Fragile mysteries of our youth
Long-lasting desirable urge
Where human souls begin to merge

A story simply left untold
Devoted is an undying soul
Here and in the afterlife
What emotion desire stills?
Who is that I reach to hold?
In this world, so desolate
And cold…

Unconscious as this may seem
You sleepwalk into my dreams

Secretly I count
The days go by
Knowing I must
watch you fly

With open arms
You've flown away

My winter chill
My summer heat
My autumn breeze
My spring retreat

08. E. Y. E.

Music & lyrics by Wastefall
Louder and louder they're calling my name
The voices in my head
I'm screaming at the top of my lungs
At the bottom of my heart

Nobody hears you but me
Nobody hears me but me

And I have all to blame
All this madness keeps me sane

All the things that I had
All gods I believed in
Are floating through your fate
The smile of a child
The sin of a pilgrim
Will show you why we're here

It seems like everyone's out to get me
Never to be seen again
Will you take all the blame to rest me
And I will take all the shame

09. Utopia Fragmented

Music & lyrics by Wastefall
Ideas and thoughts, in open range
Control the facts, rewrite the page
Fix the miracles
Streets become veins
Filled with blood unclean

What's gonna give, this race
What's gonna give, this race

The beacon's light
Shreds the word, in darkened parts
Pull the leash
Accelerate your dogma

What's gonna give, this race
What's gonna give, this race

To steal the last breath, we are free after all
To step on bodies, we are free after all
(We are free after all…We are free….)

Waves of silence, drowned empires
Words of heroes, enclosed in zeros
Skinwrapped soul, turns gold to coal

Taste illusion in your hate

10. 4 Minutes To Abandon

Music & lyrics by Wastefall

Pushed or pulled, makes no difference
You're leaving now
Fixed and loving you
Kiss and collision
One was forever, but then came departure
Pulse leftovers put this love to sleep

Thank you for the still cold stare
Those eyes down below
Thank you for this trembling voice
That spoke only lies
Thank you for the tears you shed
That cracked all the stones
Thank you for these razor hands
That wiped all my tears

Thank you for all…

11. Provoke The Divine

Music & lyrics by Wastefall
Since birth following shadows
Return seemed like a curse
No matter how far I did go
I came closer to step one

Poets talk of death
I talk of dying
Ending a journey means denying it

The rain fell like shattered glass
Pierced the soul, the flesh, my heart
I believe in silence
In the null
God is forsaken by those who tend the light
Who look up in the sky
By those who tend the light…

''You're everything I'll never have
I'm everything you'll never understand
We invented the muzzle
We sleepwalked in each other's void
We are eternal yearning entities
Defined by obsessions
We, of the fallen universe fix our dreams
In chemical resorts
Digging havens in the mud, we provoke the divine
So close to divination
Yet gravity is wrapped around our souls
Four minutes to abandon
An eternity to wonder''……