Spiritual Beggars - Ad Astra lyrics


01. Left Brain Ambassadors

He's never been arrested once In his life
Never received a letter from the law quite insane
Never felt the demon riding his back
He is safe from harm
Never got hallucinations after
Being too long on the booze

Logical thinking
Turns to Stupidity

Never had longer relations
With the female sex
Never been quite all alone
Poor little boy
Never had suicidal thoughts
Never quite understood
The true meaning of the word life

02. Wonderful World

Cloudless sky is in my eyes
The sun has come out for air
My dog is sitting by my side
Watching me getting high

What a wonderful world
Looking with inner eyes
What a wonderful world
Nothing ever dies

Can you feel the taste of life
Or are you blinded by the clowns?
Shake the water and feed the sun
Oil the universal joint

03. Sedated

Sedated every night
I had my wine and my joints
A couple of sleeping pills
Tears of tiredness dripping down

But after a while
I began to lose my song
After a while
It wasn't fun no more

Sedated when morning comes
Sitting with a troubled head
Sedated but the sun don't shine
Await my suicide

04. Angel Of Betrayal

She shone like the sun in those days
Whispered things into my head
Now I lie cold in my cell
Kissing pills to keep me sane

Angel of betrayal

Nowadays I like to meditate
With a couple of drinks
Sitting on my sofa
Watching a dumb TV
Gin and Tonic rules
Blood on the floor
Burn marks from cigarettes
My throat pleads for more

I tried to put my tongue into the cave
I prayed that
I was insured
I tried to put my tongue into the cave
But she led my mind astray

Angel of betrayal

I ought to kill the bitch
To clean out of my head
Letting off some steam
If you know what I mean
Gin and Tonic rules
Blood on the floor
Burn marks and everything
Her soul leaves for home

05. Blessed

Loaded as the sun above
I dig myself
Drinking washes the gray away
It kisses my brain
Smoking makes me catch my breath
I feel alive
Now I feel my inner self
Incarnation of Christ

Now the lungs of the universe
Are the lungs of my soul

I can feel it
I can sense it
Hallelujah Bless my soul

Monday morning you enter hell
Not me I'm not a fool, no I'm not a whore
Haven't sold my soul
Monday morning I open a beer
And light a cigar
Put my pen to paper and write I hate you all

06. Per Aspera Ad Astra

Looking up from an icy spot
Praying for the re-birth of the sun
If everything would explode
Would you breathe in or out?

Bring me a dog or a loaded gun
I'm fed up with all the people around
Most of them are to me
Like crisp breadcrumbs in my bed

And all I can say to you
Is to fly with the riddle
To touch the moon
All I can say to you is try!

Passive thinking, stuck in the game
Souls hide in infected cells
If everything would explode
Would they breathe in or out?
Stranded, deep in civilisation

People I thought were like myself
Have turned into what we all once said
We hated so much

And all I can say to you
Is that fly with the riddle
To touch the moon
All I can say to you is try

07. Save Your Soul

Let me sing for pleasure
Let me drink my treasure
Up to the mountain of faith
Hit me again

While you kiss your left brain
You oppress you right brain
Ice-pops up in your arse
You run with the flock

Our presence is a saga
A shore beyond
The horizon
Save Your Soul

When I read Bukowski
And when I read Martinus
I feel magic in my soul
Boiling me warm

Do you dream of freedom?
Or do the demons tell you?
There is nothing you can loose
If you run with the flock

I'm too cool
To be a fool

08. Until The Morning

Don't know where I'm going
Don't know where I've been
I'm back in the hazy woods
I hear the mountains bark

Until the morning comes
I'll rest my head in my arms
Until the morning line
I stay awake

I see no point in
Staying sane
I sell my days to keep
My demons in control

I'm galloping towards death
I'm not apologising, not begging
When you reach knowledge
You will understand

09. Escaping The Fools

He took me away
He showed me a way
The rivers where running too slow
The wizard said
"This is your name Eternal Gladiator, my friend"

Higher and higher and higher I fly
Escaping the circles of clowns
With magic wisdom
With magic eyes
I'm eating the stars and the Moons

I'm going home
And guess what?
I'm not dead
Yes, I'm going home
Freedom is the name of my soul

Faster and faster and faster I speed
I'm beating the light
With my eyes I find thousands of universes
Inside every single atom

10. On Dark Rivers

On dark rivers we float
Never to meet the releasing sea
Our souls hide
Deep inside our bodies

We got to feed our dreams
Nurse our dreams

Sounds of words that are spoken
Merely flirting with the truth
But we never find it
Never can we put the finger on it

Under a bad moon
We try to figure out
Which way to fall

In this masquerading boat
You've got to wonder
Why most of us
Choose to stay

11. The Goddess

Said she's from another world
I said, "I know what you mean"
I gave her a little more red wine
Our dreams came up for air

Messengers from beyond
Future plans and history
I caught a little cloud
My semen took off

Yeah Baby!

You make me high, make me fly
Make me king of life
You shake the earth, shake the dirt
And we dance into the sun

Sacred words appear
Questions solved and we are gods
The goddess is for real

12. Mantra

I've been down so long
Nothing ever changes
No matter how much I try

Got neighbours in my head
They're constantly arguing
About each step I take

My hands move like rattlesnakes
And my fingers fumble
Like they've just been invented

I bleed through the faking truth
I don't understand
All you fools

I keep drinking wine
Alone in the dark
You know the last drink
Is always the saddest

I have enough pills
To take me home
'Cos this neighbour's song is doing it too slow

13. Let The Magic

Talk Into the blind zone - hiding
Cold as the moon now - freezing
We live in the shadows - with blindfolds
We die in the shadows - regretting
We didn't take the chance

Into the blind zone - bleeding
Cold as the moon now - we are freezing
While fire burns away

Take a trip into your magic soul
You'll find you've lived a thousand times
Let the magic talk and ride away
With no feeling of doubt into the sun

Gaze into the centre of yourself
Left brain people never find this path
They stand there wondering
How anyone can be so naive
To search within
Over and over

Breathe magic rhythm

Gaze into the centre of your dream
Fell the magic rhythm take you away
Let the magic talk and ride away
With no feeling of doubt into the sun

Over and over
Breathe magic rhythm
Over and over
Let the magic talk