Wreck Of The Hesperus - The Sunken Threshold lyrics


01. Stop The Black Coffins

Blut ist Leiben
To those in strait-jackets
Blut ist Leiben
To those with the hunger
Blut ist Leiben
To those who crawl in the night
Blut ist Leiben
To those who suckle at the throat

Plague marks us all under the sign of the black death

Tooth, nail, twist grails
Torrent creatures
Unearthly textures
Those demented living funerals

02. Grave Signal

Mountains block out the sun
Forests strangling
Oceans crushing
The sky is falling

Animal, human, vermin
All the fucking same
Indiscriminate slaughter

A grave won't keep you safe
A tomb won't be immune

03. The Osseous Tomb (Echoes Of Winter)

We inhabit this burnt out sun
The taste of cold ash sits on the tongue

It's an imperfect Eden, and we have travelled so far
It's so fucking cold here on this fizzled out star

Crawling into the inverted abyss
A foothold of dust and bone debris
A chain of tombs stretching on and on
No sound or vision down here
In this tomb, osseous

Echoes of Winter
Reverberations of ice on flesh, in throat
Months of barren rocks and skeletons
Airing our corpses in the streets
We march on into the season of the moon