Evereve - Seasons lyrics


01. Prologue: The Bride Wears Black

The Bride Wears Black

Masks concealed the real mourning
No noises were allowed
Misfortune came with large steps
Enveloped the future into a shroud

The bride wears black tonight...

Valleys got deeper and deeper
The summits disappeared in beautiful clouds
A path of sick infinity
Deep abysses are beside it

Travelled in endless trains
Try to solve my existence
Sins, often pure temptation
Praised, hallowed, just lies

Voices to hear, inner futility
Be it true, be it my love
Coming to torture you...
...To torture you with my devotion.

02. A New Winter

A New Winter

"Don't care. It won't change anything. Perhaps I don't care,
but it's not that easy to be sure when your laughter still resounds in my ears.
"Don't care. Today I look at you through other eyes
and more and more it seems to be sure I was blinded."

Verdammtes Leiden, saures Lieben,
Verdammt das Leben, dessen Schein
Verschwand stillschweigend, aber stetig,
Um nunmehr stumpfes Nichts zu sein.

Verdammt die Träume, die ich hatte,
Heut' noch hab' und haben werde.
Sie sind nun schal, was übrigblieb
Sind stille Tränen auf der Erde.

"Für Hoffnung ist es nie zu spät" -
Dacht' ich, doch was ist mir geblieben?
Wo ist die Hoffnung, wo das Licht?

Wo der Frühling, der nach langem Winter
Nun das graue Eis zerbricht?
Verdammt sind wir, verdammt zu lieben.

03. The Phoenix, Spring

The Phoenix

"And from the ashes a phoenix rose, with wings made of gold
it gently touched me, a touch of relief. I was ready to start a new circle,
hoping it would never come to an end.
"Never to late for hope" - The grey ice melted - slowly..."


Where is my world,
The beginning of my life bound,
Surrounded by light,
Wandering aimlessly around.
Hearing voices calling my name,
While I hover, world's a dark stain.

Where is summertime?
I'm longing for its warmth,
Far too long I shivered
In winter's icy force.
Clouds are above me,
Mild air caresses my lungs,
I let myself drift, waiting for spring sun.

Soft grass - but it hurts to walk over it,
Pointed stings - running between I stick
Brooks are roaring, the water blood red.
Please let me drink, but I can't, I'm dead.

...Souls are screaming, mothers and sons
Are slaughtering themselves,
Am I teaching a dream...

04. The Dancer, Under A Summer Sky

The Dancer

"And then, with a glistening beam of vivid light
spring was gone and summer drew near,
pervaded our minds and our eyes were blinded with delight.
"For a short moment we joined in the dance of life
and time disappeared, leaving us behind in our embrace..."

Under A Summer Sky

The air - massive like lead
Too sultry to breathe, to give a sigh
Sheer unbearable she lies on me
Your love for me feels so dry

The heat - unable to move
Every attempt just a rough glide
The sweat runs on bare skin
Comes and goes like your love shines

Under a summer sky of love
I see your soul above
Under a summer sky of love
Your name in my heart I'll carve

No sleep - a total repose
The warmth pervades my blood
No wind that breathes life
An existence without you would be like being blind

You're gone - like the summer will leave
One day it will be over
The time slings yet slowly
Like your love from my shoulder

05. Twilight


"First leaves touch the ground,
Shadows are to be our company
An age draws near
In which days die away, die softly
When the light dwindles,
When the curtain falls
The sun is conquered
Grey veils cover the world
And our hearts vanish in the void."

06. Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Been has her being
Urged to the dwelling of her ancestors
All the long way to their resting place
Now your place, nothing left, no more.

Hungering, your love lies in a coffin
Can see the laughing vault
Rain dripping on darkened woods
Love's soul is fearlessly sold.

Escaped from our world
My elegy accompanies you
She's buried under autumn leaves...

During a howling storm
Dusty claws are grasping at her
Longing for infinity
This is not her destiny...

07. Untergehen Und Auferstehen

Untergehen Und Auferstehen

Werde untergehen und auferstehen
Erhalten durch Elixiere, gemischt aus Blut
Wer will mich halten, wer mich töten,
Wer sollte sie löschen, meine Glut?

Ich spucke Feuer aus der Tiefe meines Herzens,
Da meine Welt zugrunde geht -
Mein Hang zur Qual hat sie zerstört
Auf Knien das Ende herbei gefleht.

Hab' mich erbrochen, nachdem ich dich liebt,
Als du nackt vor mir lagst
Ein Zeichen deiner Augen, ein gutes,
Geschenkt dir aus Schmerzen, auch wenn du klagst.

Wird' dich vermissen, so tief der Schmerz,
Die Angst macht alles noch viel schlimmer
Durch meine Adern fließt ätzende Säure
Gedanken statt Worte, statt Liebe Gewimmer...

Hoch über den Wolken fliege ich
Die Luft voll der Vögel Gekreische
Mein Wille, er jagt mich, verfolgt mich,
Eine Bestie auf der Suche nach faulendem Fleische.

08. To Learn Silent Oblivion

To Learn Silent Oblivion

"Huge and ashen and overfull
roll the clouds to crush the horizon.
And affliction drops viscously as sirup,
deprives the mind I would just need
to learn silent oblivion from the world."

09. A Winternight Depression

A Winternight Depression

Fading light - I see the shadows fall,
I hear the darkness sigh.
As it rises from a dead man's pillow
Taking his last breath to the winds outside.

Threads of moonlight touch the ground,
Snow forms a cover of silence,
Candlelight spreads its wings over my soul,
The flame illuminates the night.

Searching for answers, my minds a deceit
With myself torn to fragments, my life means defeat.
Where is my saviour? Why did he leave me alone?

In my winter frost palace where sorrows are sown...

I try to find a way deep into my dreams,
Try to flee from cruel reality
To be suspended into a sea of emptiness
And never, never wake up again.

Did you hear a dead baby crying in its cradle?
Did you ever see a black sun rising above a silent world?
Did you ever speak words no one would ever hear?
Did you ever scream out what you feel when you see the pain?

I see a new day, the candlelight dies.
The darkness meets the beauty, the beauty of the light.

10. Epilogue


"Und unter ew'gem Eise begraben,
Liegt die Seele da und schreit,
Muss sich nähren, muss sich laben
An des Daseins Dunkelheit - Nichtigkeit."