Dark Tranquillity - Fiction lyrics


01. Nothing To No One

Force it to begin
Spark the flame
To firebursting sin
Doctrine denied
Over and over again
Keeping death of all things private
Expose this failed creation
What is done is dead
To be content, an abomination
Are you satisfied
Are you done with this

The ultimate rebellion:
The sacrifice is endless
The ultimate rebellion:
Be nothing to no one

What's in a true life?
Behind the crumbling walls
Of dream and infant illusion
Action without movement
Desire without heart
It is over and done
To crave for touchless objects
And fathom without eyes
The fall of all things personal
That no one sees

Awaken to the screams
Of unresolved
Demands and accusations
Words are free
These are the outer symptoms
Of inner detonation
Will force us to inaction
Rid us of resolve
Take the burden off me
Lead me to my grave

02. The Lesser Faith

Music by Henriksson, Nicklasson, Jivarp, Sundin
Lyrics by Stanne
Dreamed up a new world today
in my ignorance I gave it meaning
who was I to know
to say it is to know it
to hear it is to believe

I dreamed the world would end
I was not wrong
to doubt, to discredit
the worlds I've heard before
from inside a shell pretending

it's all you've shown your faith
and what you've always known
so lay your trust in the unthinkable
it's time to justify your lesser faith

it's all your faith has shown
and all you'll ever know
why do you matter, you're insignificant
how can you justify your lesser faith

to know it is to fear it
to feel it is to say no
to the blazing highs and lows
i know i'll fail
to break, to cast it down
you take your lead
from the staff that must be broken in two

03. Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)

Music by Henriksson, Sundin
Lyrics by Stanne
This is a ghost town
alive with the echoes of failures fled
lit up by shiny faces
that parade these streets
what used to be
of humility is gone
you walk on mounds
of skull and bone
where living is denied
I see more movement in decomposition
than in those hollow eyes

it is the only place i know
where death is most alive
it is when truth is turned to lie
that death is most alive

set flame to the ensnarers
and pierce that ornate shield
branded by what claims you
you wear the mark of death
tear foem loss and agony
a character defined
stripped of all but tragedy
what life is left to fine
go now - until there's nothing left
go now - the dying has begun

so I flee from all that is me
to hide behind this pale dead face
whatever happened to desire, want and need
whatever happened to integrity
imagination is a curse in all of this
whatever happened to the ones left behind

this is a ghost town
bodies dragged through endless streets
go now, to never return
I see more pitiful humiliation
than you can ever hide

04. Blind At Heart

Music by Henriksson
Lyrics by Stanne
I tell you here
Of all the crimes and hours broken
What never came, will never be the same
I tell you this, I tell you what

The mind has been flooded
All the exits sealed
A poison set to enter
The unforgiving me

Probes and infiltrators
Infiltrate me

It's in these hours we forget ourselves
Within a fire that consumes itself

No need for your defenses
My anger wall will hold
Take your steady pride
In monotony and beat

Invaders and corruptors
Invade me

A supernova of flame and fire
This broken spirit, blind at heart

Bite down hard on frustration
The siege that can't be broken
This hollow flame of fear
I tell you this, I tell you what

So close without connection
Locked inside the sphere
I take the blame upon me
And scream at what I see

05. Icipher

Music by Brandstrom, Jivarp,Henriksson
Lyrics by Stanne
like lust has yet to fail me
no power to subside
my instincts never broken
this downfall so close at hand

the thing that scares me most
is the fear I see in others
and the thing that really
frightens me to the core
is when I see that fear in you

like shields against the action
no enemy to subdue
we barricade forever
that which hides inside of us all

to break the rules and patterns
are you scared enough
before the end is here
are you scared enough

the thing that scares me most
is the fear I see in others
that look that sends shivers
down my spine
will haunt me to the end
of living days and nights
you're the thing that matters to me most
and I sense this fear in you

06. Inside The Particle Storm

Music & lyrics by Sundin
Inside the particle storm
where clouds of napalm shimmer
with the promise of one final dawn

inside the particle storm
where ages collide into nothingness
obliteration's one final kiss

a claw in the garden of eden
clogging the bloodstream of earth
tearing a hole in the fabric of life
the horizon enriched with scars

inside the particle blaze
a chamber of dissolution
proclaiming the end of days

we leave now
nothing will follow, nothing at all
the cleansing flames of entrony
to devour us all

our lungs are filled with sarin
our children drowning like dogs
handcuffed to the weight of cold dark matter
without purpose, meaning or name

inside the particle storm
the poisoned gene of humanity

this is the moment
when black ships anchor to the skies
the heavy hands of chaos
descend in merciless demise

07. Empty Me

Music by Henriksson
Lyrics by Stanne
What night never abandoned
in shallow darkness dwell
the evidence in pools of black
light cannot penetrate

Have you come for my forgiveness?
there's nothing left to give
no response to your repentance
this empty me

lifted from the living days
to be bent right out of shape
let blades and satisfies
cut and lick these wounds
in reversal of repentance
this bastard son of lies
to bring meaning to it all

Have you come for my forgiveness?
there's nothing left to give
no response to your repentance
this empty me

Take now from this body
a coward's heart
and a soul beyond repair
empty me

between insecurity and reason
self deprecation as a means to the end
out of reach but never closer
a cure that searches for the cause
cause for chaos

drawn from memories the fragments linger
on ages of thought and seconds of sleep
what is it here that tempts the night
to stab the day and kill the light

08. Misery's Crown

Music by Brandstrom, Sundin, Jivarp, Henriksson
Lyrics by Stanne
All has now been broken
on streets I dare not walk
freedom is an illusion
i build my fences high
if there was something out there
I've learned not to expect
there's a hundred million reasons
not to care

don't bring your misery down on me
wear misery's crown

as always in these matters
you broke the deal of deals
and wasted what was given
to revel in your mess
i gave up all for nothing
tried my best and failed
there's a thousand million reasons
never to share again

this is how it all begins
don't bring your misery down on my
wear misery's crown

09. Focus Shift

Music by Henriksson
Lyrics by Stanne
I think I just forgot
to pick up the shells
from my recent discharge
and you took the blame
explanations falter
to ears fallen deaf
wherever I go I get lost

A reference to something
that both of us knew
nothing that favors the few
in the darkness electric we see
that silence has spoken tonight

I think I have lost my language
whatever I sad I deny
I think I have lost my way
whatever was missing is gone
I let my focus shift

your face is a map
I fail to discover
drowning the sounds
lost in the order
it's the look that stayed my words
the unblinking knowledge
interlocked and holding
no stalemate to break
take hold of the flame that unites
in the silence that speaks to me now

I struggle to find the words
that negate my meaning
I fail to comprehend
what message is given

I decline the steady hand
that leads to rejection
tempted by the closure
with no sense of pride
drown the fury and swaloow the fire

10. The Mundane And The Magic

Music by Henriksson, Jivarp
Lyrics by Stanne
Seen through these dreamless eyes
blind buildings stark to the sky
silhouettes as dividing walls
guarding the eternal secret
where is the flame to haunt you
who do you answer to
my lies are always wishes
lies that make me
see beyond the rational
accept the fate that nothing is meant to be
be the least connected
stay true to the last original

apply layers to reality
things only you can see
add a beat to normality
to tap the core of insanity

I let my dreams cross over
to days of endless gray
if I could merge the mundane and the magic
we'd forge the new unknown
I let my dreams crossover
to nothingness and back again
If I could merge the mundane and the magic
where is the dark I came to find?

In latter days as time will find you
memories will never let you get closer
the silent sighs in useless company
wish for darkness and death again
in the face of ignorance and fear
I cast it right back
some things were never there to begin with
objectivity is truth denied

11. A Closer End

As in the life of rain
You're only alive when you're falling
The coldest chill
In the emptiness of reason

You brought it upon yourself
It's slow but final
With nothing to gain
You brought it upon yourself
It's slow but final
It begins today

So light up the days
With the darkest of waking dreams
For endless puzzles
To reflect our aim

You brought it upon yourself
It's slow but final
With nothing to gain
You brought it upon yourself
It's slow but final
It starts today

It seems you've passed the mark
Of indescribable dark
I fear you've drowned
In hope of what you think will come

Extracted from the sharpest of moments
Built to greet you when the time will come
Empty spaces on foundations of denial
Your structure is dust

As in the death of dream
Awakenings will leave you stranded
Where no one is listening
Where no one's around

You brought it upon yourself
It's slow but final
With nothing to gain
You brought it upon yourself
It's slow but final
It begins today

12. Winter Triangle


13. Below the Radiance

I don't mind the fall
It's the climb from the bottom
That hurts the most here today
A stab of emptiness

Divert your eyes from these judgmental stares
So none forgiving
And what do they know and what have they seen?
I cannot do it

I indulge myself
Against these rotten eyes
Well driven out, the one betrayal

To play your part
Uphold the blank façade
Do the expected
If only nothing remained

The facts and furies
Well, these are the seconds that will not be forgotten
This is the time, and what've I done?
And what do they know?
I cannot do it

I indulge myself
Against these rotten eyes
Well driven out, now on my trail

Eyes on the prize
You never tell them
In shadows hiding
What eyes can tell

What will you know?
From million roads, it's the same old place
You won't know it
And they will pay, they will pay

Well driven out, the one betrayal
I indulge myself
Against these rotten eyes

14. Silence in the House of Tongues