Elend - Winds Devouring Men lyrics


01. The Poisonous Eye

We have waited so long.
My starving eyes,
Drunk to see.
We have waited so long.
Neither living nor dead,
We could have died to see the world in bloom.

Poisonous Eye
Poisonous Eye
The eyes of men, they withered in the sun
Poisonous Eye
Poisonous Eve
And reason enslaves us no longer

Yet vision is all that matters
To a wayward traveller,
Another dream... another dream is all we are longing for.
In every shade, a fragment of light,
In every shape, every colour,
The chasms of solitude.

In the temple of truth, we were burning
And we saw the dim sun swallow the sky.

Cast out from the scorn of men,
In a desert effaces,
Can we live without shame?
Can we die without pride?

Poisonous Eye

All joy is gone
Seven Eyes to see
All joy is gone
Seven Eyes to bleed

Poisonous Eye

02. Worn Out With Dreams

Don't tear apart your name
It hides you

Don't tear out your love,
You can't depart from me.
You'll stay away from harm.
Abide by me when indecision strikes,

Down there with me,
Let me enfold you:
I cannot escape our frail embrace.
I bend under the morning light
But I could scale the face of Life.

Mock me, mock me
If my voice is unsteady.

I am just worn out with dreams.
Under your pale sardonic sky,
I am watching myself crawl.

Down to me,
Down with me,
Onward a new path,
Let me enfold you:
We cannot escape our frail embrace,
We bend under the morning light.

03. Charis

Beauty dies of beauty,
Love of love.
In the fever of our waiting,
We were deceived
Without deceivers,
Without betrayers.

A mirror waits for your face
And I have been awaiting you

04. Under War-Broken Trees

Skies visible
Under the seaside shadows.
By the City,
by the Gates,
Streets of sands / Sadness strays.

The war is over now,
The pain is over now.
Fair Eyes still can't see
The healing time provides.
Warless I could not see.

Sous des cieux fades de promesses, des horizons hallucin�s,
La terre nous �tait d�sormais �trang�re.
Patris Pontos
Les flots bris�s,
Le sillage: un �clair -
Terre, mer, cieux m�lang�s:
Seuls les vents hurlent ďż˝ nos oreilles.
Nos yeux fracass�s que le sang aveugle...
Sur une mer d�mont�e, machine de col�rc.

Watch over me
Beyond the velvet veil of fear,
A firmament of grieves,
A century of burning.
We were tempted by a shade:
In war times, only
the shell of loneliness is safe.
But under war-broken trees,
Dreams come fast...
Dreams come when you are weary of the sun.

05. Away from Barren Stars

Worse than mourning
Disdain dances at my side.
Another wasted day
And shadows stained
Your silent face.
Yet weary with passions,
The Sevenfold Seas were young,
Your sibilant eyes bloodied
With tears.
I'll pray for you, I'll stay away from barren stars.

The land is just an ocean of fear
And your love has vanished.

07. Vision Is All That Matters

I became the great deceiver
To see what fair Eyes still cannot see:
A tear in every sea,
A fragment of light exhausted.

Vision is all that matters to traveller a wayward
Through centuries of burning
We have waited so long...
Clothed in the serpent's skin,
From the portal I was calling you lay me in the dust of the dead.

A swan in agony

08. The Newborn Sailor

At night we were drowning,
Mesmerized by your songs,
We were lured
Into the maze of our love.

When the drop of Life burst:
An ocean of joy
And freedom for the newborn Sailor
The newborn Sailor

Through aeons of time,
Our eyes were smothered by the sun.
Now even in the dark we see:
Wanton light steers us no more,
Eyeless we sailed.

When the drop of Life burst:
An ocean of joy
And freedom for the newborn Sailor
The newborn Sailor

09. The Plain Masks Of Daylight

The night shade
A dark colonnade

The cypress, then the shore...
I sought comfort in the foam.
The wind heals the pain.
A pale November rises.
You know how in days gone by
Even night sought shelter
Under the plain masks of daylight.

Bitterness the wait:
We are the fruit of rainy hours.

As Ulysses looking seaward,
We mocked our innermost abodes.
We sailed on older seas
And reached the bounds of deepest water.

A wreckage in the rain
A wreckage in the rain
But the wind heals the pain.

10. A Staggering Moon

Amidst the streams of the river, the flow was a changing
And autumn rain unfolded its charm.

With the thorns of absence
So sweet to your skin -
In the dusty veils of morning,
You had forgiven all bearing.
The land blessed the manifold faces of your love.
The Garden lies asleep, the grave unclouded
And we dance about a fallen sun.
Night-moths on her wings:
A staggering moon.