Nahemah - Chrysalis lyrics


01. Ochre Mantle Stare

Light springs in her shadowy eyes
Like greenshine moons
Exploding the skies
Wide-opened portals of pure essence
Towards the ochre mantle
Shrouding her stare
Desecrated canvas
Of morbid inspiration
A fire chrysalis
Squirms within the nucleus
A mind's extent meandening
Blindly nibbling
The mutilated reality
Across the intangible temples
Among scattered constellations
Of ideas and yearnings
The flaming hand emerges
And carves the communion
Between flesh and soul
Ecstasy released your image
Buried beneath the ruins
Of my golden empyrium
Casting your ravenous light
Between the emaciated pillars,
Enchanting my concience
Slowly the blood traces a memory
Spilled senses in turbulent cadence
A momentary god drunk with vertigo
Eternity disgiused in art's spheres
Hysteria drags me down
Painting in death your image

02. Sybilla

Behold the palace
And it's scared princess
Ravens flooding the skies
An endless funeral
Of dimensions and times
Unleahses her cosmic distress
Night is falling
In unmeasurable majesty
Stars, shining in malice
Sibylla, raising thy mighty chalice
Tearing the curtains
Through blasphemy
Clouds shiver with fear
Awaiting the sanguine blaze
And infernal entities
Feather their wings to ascend
With such rage beneath their souls
As our spirits can comprehend
The seals are open
Thy reuqest has been sent
A voiceless crowd
The silent servants of Satan
The universe, undressed for thee
Unveiled its unborn secrets
Thou hast drown in a trance
Caress the sands of the depths
Sorceress supreme
Intoxicate our dreams
Bringer of pure evil
That emanates from prophecies

Our blindness will be thy eternal force

03. Autumn Is My Sin

From the deepest dream
I caught a glimpse of the silhouette
I was seduced by the purity
That could never be tamed
Just as time does to leaves in golden fall
My worst nightmare
Was a sweet tragedy
That lifted itself over the bare trees
On an agonizing, desolate and withered forest
A fatal winter dwelled in my heart
When she raised her eyes
And shaved me the blaze of the moon
And I adored her
A tear falls in the loss of time
Under the weak light of my being
And its trail is nothing more than my soul
Pleadings from a sacred dawn
Just ironic voices in my mind
Whilst the honey tingled on my lips
I was crucified
Thrown to the passion of the night
Which embraced me with its pearl towers
And I knew misery
A dying christ was a heresy
That fell over me
Through the tainted lights of an illusion
Of a god that looked at me with scorn
Only then could I visualize my dream
My communion with her in the deepest passion
Of pagan eroticism
Fog is her silver veil
Covering two drops of water
With the most subtle dark fragrance
Drowning me with her movements til the ourance
A life full of black roses
My wife, I have shaved blood with you
Underneath the shadows of the crows
That taint the sky
To sucumb to the beauty
That pulled me down drowning me
In the days in which the grave sang for me

04. Bloodstained Carnival

Green eyes hypnotizing
The astral rites
Fired by a grey-cratered sun
The blackness of her dress,
Luficerian mistress,
Hiding the jewelled knife
Within the crowd she advances
Trailing for the scented prey
Fevered and stained
With a devilish hate
Crawls to swallow the light
Deafening laughs all around
Carnival Masqued
In horrible sounds
Colorful hysteria
A queen whithout crown
Who rides the sin
Beyond bounds
Drenched in wine
She drinks the las dance
The smelling of crime
A poisoner trance
Eyes raping the skies
When she tears the bolts
Of a bloodstained carnival
Drenched in wine
She drinks the last dance
The smelling of crime...
Eyes raping the skies
When she tears the bolts
Of a bloodstained...
Of a bloodstained carnival

06. The Teardrop Fall

In the forest
Where the green and sinister
Engulfs the rays of light
And climbing plants
Scale the walls of fortresses
Raced by the pass of centuries
The old trunks remain inmutable
Since the vassals
Rendered hoamge to their lords
During that misterious hour
Where the frontiers
Between night and day hides
I found a neat and luminous presence
Of sad feminine beauty
Postrated on a huge stone
Near a lake of eternal waters
Where the souls sail and sink
A cold and petreous tear
Stands within is lime
And the rain's ashes
A maiden cries
And there's no solace
For such a deep sorrow
She mourns the death of mankind
She weeps for the lovelorn
She weeps for the drowned men
Drowned in the depths of this lake
With no destiny
Never to emerge
An angel cries
And there's no solace
For such a deep sorrow
Her tear falls
And reflects over the waters
Before crowning the lake
With a diadem of shy waves
Fallen tear from my angel

07. From The Temples High

In the shores of void
Lays my dream
That advanced like the shadows
In the hungriest hearts
Of the darkest secret
A flash darkens the light
My beloved forever is denied
Under my thorned suspicion
Dressed in laments
Cried till becoming rivers
I wake under my own empire
A bloody crown of salt
At the new order arised
To be the stigma
The golden wings of first-born
Plated with dusk
On a withered throne
Raised where the circle excludes
The river follows it's course
Without resti n front of my stare
Always icy in me
Empty whisper
The question without tongue
Like a lying leaf
My beautiful cause
Rise me again
To look from below
And like a wave of tears
I'll desire again
I promise

08. Ligeia (Immortality Through Crime)

She spread the wings of her languidness
Through the nightshadows of charming
The moon wept each birth of dawn
Her soft marbled skin
And red velvet lips
A dark nimph that angels sohuld crown
In the depth of her eyes
Archaic secrets conspire
A misterious purpose
Shrouded in longing desires
Possessed by dread
She danced entranced with Death
On your mourning beauty I bleed
Falling into the clutches of an insane dream
Wherever thy image may be
No magic shall sever
Thy music from thee
Silent she lies
And my kiss goes through the black shroud
Truth lurks beyond her vieled eyes
Come to me
And embrace my sorrow
Till the anguish of awakening
Thirsty for oblivion
I crept towards the bleak shores
Of a second maid
But winds yell her name
Spreading the seed of my shame
That bites my feeble heart
Beneath nocturnal rain
Death reverts to breath
In return for my sins
Flagelating the hopes
With a cruel tragedy
Entangles her soul
Stoned by disease
In return for my sins
Shining venomous tears into wine
Siletn she lies
And my stare goes through the black shroud
Truth lurks beyond her veiled eyes
Come to me
And embrace my sorrow
Till the anguish of awakening
Her veins start to shine
With livid crimson light
Eyelids tremble
Immortality through crime
Ligeia awakes
From shadows arises
Frost burns to uncover
The truth that lurks beyond her eyes

09. A Crystal Delirium

Across the waters
Blind sirens fly
Waving their crystal scales
Oh delirium!
My mind's so frail
My body dressed
In sharp cold nails
A soporific whirlpool
Of fever and dread
Sailing and raping
The wattery red
The sun becomes
A diffuse nest of vipers
Perception fades away
Lungs are filled
With a fetid rain
Penetrate the dream of the oceans
Where the night is a broken day
And a million submerged temples
Show their treasures when the sea
Is mirrored on the surface
Of the moonfields
Behind the crystal curtains
There's a world
Distorted and lost
A frozen dimension
A fancyful delirium