Esoteric - The Maniacal Vale lyrics


01. Circle

I have a million questions, but no will to ask
Through chaos, rationale speaks clearly
Decay sets in amongst the fragments
Such weight lies within knowledge
Crippled by thought

Eyes that see too much lose the will to see
And the pain that spills from these walls
Blasts through this withered body

The circle has begun
Time is not won
Losing this battle to remain

In this place
I dare not dream
For awakening the demons that will find me
Blinded by madness

Such endless probability
And I must know everything and every thought,
And I must uncover all answers sought,
For sleep eludes when this frustration taunts
And drives me to release
Or travel towards end

So dead inside
So dead inside...
So dead inside

And all but live on
Burning... from within

Maddened eyes
Filled with boiling blood
Grow sharper with the pain
To rest now
Until we meet again

02. Beneath This Face

Lies a broken man
Festering inside
Shades of light pass through this room
And remind me
There was once a world
Outside of this stricken maze
Only instincts drive on...

...And life
Our great teacher
Teaches all

Passing through this fetid ship
With sickened feeling of what lies within
Sporadic thought, spawning its messy web of insanity
Living from the heart and breath alone

For emotions determine all that is lost and won here
And all that is dear
Taken by wind and time

How many times in a lifetime must we break?
And have such a need to be strong?

So tired of this feeling
Of fighting and living
Wrought so completely with pain

Nothing remains
But a restless longing for death
Hidden, beneath this face

03. Quickening

Hallucinations enter the shadows...
Losing the mind
On this path to oblivion
So much time lost in chaos
As I descend...
As I descend...

As I descend
Succumbed to the unfathomable
Abandoned beyond all control

Abandoned beyond all control

Skulking, scraping, the barren wastes...
Formless predator of the mind's domain

And as its presence draws near, I sense it
Knowing within its pull I can be forever lost
A part of me,
I have become

04. Caucus of Mind

I can't control them, but they control me.
The voices can't be heard, they're kept out of sight.
Hatred from within, purged from the soul of me.
Leads me to destruction, they need my detonation.


Death eats away from the inside.
Life eats away from the outside.
In between... in between.
In between... in between.

Void - pointless existence...

Over and over and over and over and... [4x]

Make me see the birth of my insanity,
Reality...; a memory...
My mind recoils...

Push down...
Push down...
Push down...
Break down...
Break down...
Break down...

My mind makes things happen...

05. Silence

I lift my head, but there is no reason to move time
Takes from us the years we build
What can be lost within a day

Words may pass
Time has no mercy upon truth
Crushing all in its path

Reason is lost here
Leaving us alone with the questions
This bizarre metaphoric game
Unravels like some predestined curse
Each player sees the charade
A hapless parade of what must be
But still we play

So many lines
Entangled amongst frantic visions
Cascade this horrific journey

And where does this plane take us?
To escape?
To lose that which makes us?

Emotion never dies
It only becomes distant with time

Memories fade, onward towards bitter end

My head, it aches
As yet another day unfolds
Faces of anger
Ironed into my skin

And to pass away, knowing only silence

06. The Order of Destiny

The walls ripple... closing in...
Driven forth... transcending streams of consciousness

As reason oppresses instinct
Departure draws near until end
That first and only certainty

And cause, some random inheritor of our misguided designs

Not adorned with
Except for the few who dare to visit this place
Never to be staid in unquestioned days
But to roam free
Shattering the banal conclusion

Difference brings disrepute
All anarchic flood of rage

And fate may forsake
For the journey twists as you had it planted

The seeds of what is ought
Misfortune lurking every crevice
Of this crooked quest
Paths of truth and life
Only what we may become

07. Ignotum Per Ignotius

Over whom does infinity hold sway?

All the time has passed
No future awaits
Where there is no light
I shall...

Never to diminish, nor comprehend
The one absolute
All the time has passed
Within eternal twilight I exist
Excised from the stream of time and being
I wander
Answers I seek
To that which I cannot know

You need not fear now
For release shall be yours
Through golden fields you may walk
All knowledge flowing through you

Let your pain console
For escape is nigh
Your blood flows, your soul is released
Silentium est aureum

I have come to know all
Yet I know not this
At your death
My torment is complete
Horrific realisation
The demise of finality
Absolutions collapse
Absolutions collapse
Absolutions collapse...