The Old Dead Tree - The Water Fields lyrics


01. Start The Fire

Let's start the fire now,
It's time to burn the souls
To forget ourselves and lose control.

Our minds are now unleashed!
We feel like being Lords,
Ruling the skies, ruining the Gods.

Brought back down to earth,
Suddenly back home,
Walking on our knees
We pray to the trees:
"Protect us from the sun
Keep us alive".

02. Don't Wake Me Up (Those Who Never Wear White)

Attracted by darkness, I fear the light,
I'm in love with the night.
I know that people want to fight
Those who never wear white.

I avoided walking the line,
Except, of course, mine.
I know that I'm not popular,
Sometimes I go too far.

I hate to feel rejected!

I am disguised as a crow,
I fly so low
I rest behind my make up.
Don't wake me up

03. Dive

Of course they're anxious to help you,
But you don't know what to say to them.

Your parents come to your home,
They look for a way to save you from yourself…

But they feel as distraught as you are,
You were so strong you're now so far.

So far from who you were!
You're no longer the man they knew,
Something's broken inside of you.

No one seems to realise
How low you've dived,
They all think that you're still far from hitting the bottom.

When they look at you they just see
An empty shadow of the man you used to be.
And you can feel how disappointed they are,
Each one of their looks becomes a new scar.

And you dive, dive into the fields
Trying to escape from this unbearable pain;
Yes you dive, the water fills your lungs,
The mud blinds your eyes,
But here you can rest and try to forget.
All this pain that you feel
Is so old that you think
It's a part of you.

So deep in the flesh sleeps the pain,
So much frustration, in your brain.
Nobody seems to understand
That their love kills you.
Please open your mouth and spit out the truth,
Let it be!

04. What's Done Is Done

I can't believe
You kept your mouth shut for so long.
Yes, now you should talk to the world…

Tell them how you feel,
Tell them who you are,
Don't fear to face your real self, today!

I guess it is so hard
To stand before them.
Holding your clenched fist,
Closing your mine.
I know there's no other way but…

Stand still, be ready, but take it easy,
Everything will be fine
Stick to words that flow easily:
You're about to cross the pink line
And it's not a crime!

Hold on
You can't hide this anymore.
Come on!
Open the closet door!

05. The Water Fields

Don't be afraid
You're not on your own anymore.

Set your mind at rest my child,
Feel free to cry, feel free to sob.

And I dig,
Deeper and deeper,
Into the water fields,
So deep.

It was time to change the deal,
You did your best and you succeeded.

It was a hard task to perform,
Now you realised that you were strong enough.

You forgot the consequences:
"Sometimes you have to go ahead".

What's happening now?
Don't you realise?
You beg for help, you beg for love.
Is that your way to deal with problems?
It will never be the same!

06. Is Your Soul For Sale?

I can guess what you are thinking:
You are telling yourself you can't do it,
But I think you're wrong

You're full of doubts,
You cannot chose
Between two ways.
You fear to lose
Too much time,
So much life.
You cannot believe
A word of mine.
But you're wrong,
Yes you're wrong.
You should now listen to
To my story,
To your family,
To the signs that warn you of your coming fall…

Why are you sleeping?
Can't you act as a man
For once in your life?

Cry over yourself!
You make me sick my friend,
What have you done to be so weak?

I can guess what you are thinking
You are telling yourself you can't do it
And maybe you're right

You're full of doubts,
You cannot chose
Between two ways.
You fear to lose

07. A Distant Light Was Shining

A distant light was shining
For all these years.
My life was pretty dark,
I had to live with my fears.

All this time it helped me to hold on.
But it's becoming useless
So I should let it down…

Take it off, burn it all, take the pain away!
Take that mask off your face, are your eyes made of clay?
Take it off, burn it all, take the pain away!
Stop lying to yourself, you won't face it today.

I finally broke down the walls of my prison,
Constantly exhausted for no good reason.
But I won't complain or open my veins,
A better life's waiting, where I'm now going!

I never thought it could become obsolete so fast.
This decision was so hard to take, but I made it at last.
I know it took me so long,
I wasn't strong enough.
I know it took me so long,
To what life do I belong?

You've never felt this taste:
It is much less sweet than the rest
But you cannot define it.

It fills your mouth and your mind,
It makes you feel like you're going blind.
You can't get rid of it by spitting…

08. Regarding Kate

Kate is sad:
She feels like she's losing interest
In love.
She's disappointed
By life.

Oh sweet star,
Please shine for her in the dark.
You know,
Sometimes it can help to sleep.

All of her life she's been waiting
For the great love, the perfect wedding.

Kate thinks that the sky
Will soon, turn to grey.
The clouds are so dark today.
She says:

"Oh sweet star,
Please shine for me in the dark.
You know,
Sometimes it can help to sleep".

All for one and none for her,
She prepares herself to live alone.
Driven by despair,
She sleeps
And slips deeper.

So cold is her bed at night,
No shelter for her during the storm.
She'd like to vanish out of sight
To sleep.
Sleeping she slips down.

She doesn't want to show
Her soul in the raw.

She lives her life her own way,
She needs to enjoy each day.
"Don't worry" she says,

She's really fine
Smiling and laughing all the time.
She says she's fine,
But she knows she's wrong.

She lives her life her own way
But cries over her life
She needs to enjoy each day
With fake smiles on her face
Why should life be so heavy?

09. Rise To The Occasion

I hate to gravel, to beg for help, to feel weak.
I am not this kind of man
But I feel so lost.

I watch my back,
I'm used to managing my friend's problems.
I'm often considered
As an elder brother.

I can't tell what happened,
It came so fast.
A wind of dark feelings
Has blown my mind.
I feel distraught,
But Am I still able to
Rise to the occasion?

I feel distraught,
But I have to fight for…
I can't do this anymore.
…This Life
But I can't reach the shore.

I feel like a stranger among friends:
Don't trust me anymore!
I feel like a stranger among friends,

It can't be true
Even colours are dead,
Just the cold in my head.
Maybe it's simply my time…
I feel
…To battle depression.
So lost.
I feel like a child
Lost in a mansion.

I am here, lying on the floor,
Pretending to ignore.
Trying to forget my pain, to dive into the depths,
To forgive my soul for bleeding my senses,
To believe my own lies,
Is the future a light shining in the dark?

I am not myself anymore.
So far, so far is the shore.
I just cannot even beg for more.
How did my life stumble this way?
Everything seemed so strong,
Everything went so wrong!

10. Hey

What a waste, I feel empty,
Shamefaced, I am sorry.

I hate myself for being here
Trying to forget a pain
Coming from myself.
Can't I wake up, get up, stand up?

What kind of man am I?
Give me time to gather my thoughts:
I want to collect myself!

But I think now, looking back,
That my life's always been dark.

11. This Is Now Farewell