Demonic Resurrection - Beyond The Darkness lyrics


01. Journey To Solaris

My shattered soul in torment
Darkness within me brewing
A thirst for the aging star

I believe in destiny
I must journey forth

The fallen star lies dormant
Its power encompassing me
Drawing me to treacherous deeps

I believe in destiny
I must journey forth

Nocturnia - Damned visions of nebulous
Nocturnia - Breaking my cold sleep

I believe in destiny
I must journey forth

To Solaris where aeons will be
To Solaris where my journey completes

We will find a way tonight
Through the stars to the other side

Through darkness, through pain
Through wretched bleeding spawning beasts
Through time, through space
Through tempests passing never ending fields
Storms of cosmic debris

Destroy my world and plunge me intro darkness
These dreams, my dreams of distant memories

Over the horizon as far as the eye can see
A vision of Solaris, at last my destiny

Soon we shall be one
This journey is complete

02. Celestial Disharmony

Follow me... over sonic landscapes
Follow me... through intangible shapes
Follow me... down into darkness
Follow me into celestial disharmony

Blackness fills my eyes
I feel these walls caving into me

The system has been weakened
The countdown begins to total annihilation

A shadow in the darkness is all I can see
While everything crumbles to dust and all that's left is me

Benight my heart for in Aurora Borealis
I see her form; to her I must be gone

It is hollow and revolving
Benign lonely planet
A melancholic color of grace
Journey me away, traveling past the stars
Leaving this place until I find belonging

I'm beginning to believe beyond this time and space

I am but a mere mortal soul
Blacken thy life; this heart, it weeps to belong
For in the stars I see the signs the coming of the one.

The sharp stinging pain I begin to feel
Consciousness slowly dawning on me
Blurry forms and figures cloud my vision
Torn between dream and reality

Here I lie wounded and broken at your mercy
Give me strength to waken my guardian
Before this darkness, consumes me.

In hope they wait for my return
My final stand for glory
Give me strength to waken my guardian
I must fulfill my destiny

Men have tried and died for
The sake of humanity
Give me strength to break them guardian
I will continue my journey

03. And The Dream Will Cease To Exist

...And the dream will cease to exist
For if tears could speak, death would be told

Shaping the destiny that has come into being
Believing the future that would exist
Somewhere along our journey we came to a halt
The world stopped turning and we lament

How far are you willing to go?
How much are you willing to forsake?
If I told that this would mean
That things will never be the same.

Would you still stand by my side?
Would you still battle till the end?
If I told you that from here
There was no looking back

Can I trust you'll be there forever?
Can I trust you'll be there till the end?
Would you save me from tyranny and oppression,
Or would you hold yourself more dear?

One step closer to kingdom come
The throne within my grasp
Seemingly real I feel I can touch it
And the link is shattered
This dream does not exist
One step closer

04. Beyond The Darkness

The aeons have come and gone
Over landscapes and textures the wind moves their way
Time had laid bare the origin of the One
The cloud of deceit through which we cannot see your face

I hold the key that opens the gates to realms beyond

Beyond the darkness - I'm all that you can see
Beyond the darkness - I control your destiny

What lies in wait behind the shadow of hate?
Are you waiting for the aeons to return?
This place of star dust, magical remains
We transmit illusions through the darkness of space

Shooting stars leave signs and shapes
A cryptic code with a cosmic trace
There is a path to be followed
And there is a choice to be made

The darkness transcends the illusion
Fragmented forms of data remain
Our nexus has been weakened
Evacuate the systems

Beyond the darkness - I'm all that you can see
Beyond the darkness - I control your destiny

The link has been shattered
Transmission of hope is lost deep in space
We must transcend into worlds unknown
Are we destined to ever leave this place?

Darkness is falling and we shall go beyond
Through passage of time beyond the cosmos into the unknown

What lies ahead is not seen
The key to this door belongs to me
This time I shall not fail
This time I shall return

Did I pass the horizon deep into space?
Have I gone beyond; crossed over to a better place?

Do you believe there is a place in the stars where all of us will go?
Do you believe that through this journey of life we have no control?
Do you believe there is a place in the stars where I must go?
Do you believe that through this journey of life I will die alone?
Tonight I wish upon the shooting star to take me away
Far beyond this reality through time and space
This is the time that I close my eyes and dream of thee
And open my heart to the falling stars and weep...

05. The Fallen Stars