Skepticism - The Process Of Farmakon lyrics


01. Backward Funeral And The Raven

I turned around
The path was gone
Took a step back
Fell on my face
Fully covered
Up by the woods
On a carpet
Of thick moss

The sun
Filling half
Of the horizon
Rays drew warmth
From my skin
I turned towards
My right arm

A shadow cast a raven
On the top
Of a pine
A monotonous song
Down a rasp throat
As it landed away

Black flowers
Withering in bloom
Facing each other
With nothing to say
Growing down
To the depths
Of ground

I laid back
On a slow wave,
Calm, stormy sea
A crew,
Rowing a coffin across
The shores were gone
Waves forgotten
A rain
Like nails
Glittering in the sunlight
Fell on an iron armada
Of grey clouds
On the sky

I sunk
Thick water
Filling my lungs
With pleasure
Sinking deeper
I was awaken
Fell up on my feet
Numb fingers
Turning around
The path before me
Led somewhere

02. The Process Of Farmakon

to complete"

"This is the red
transforming into

"Air seems thick -
colours paint-like"

"...Completely torn.
All ingredients
The Process soon