Solitude Aeturnus - Adagio lyrics


01. My Endtime

Split by the forever
The Dance is between in nowhere
An essence of nothing
God has broken my wings
And set me to drift

02. Days Of Prayer

Standing before the door of the one I call god
My entrance has been denied- forever lost
Days of prayer are words wasted on the wind
If there is to be an answer then give these talons a grasp to hold

Burning sun of hope
A blackened path in my way

Trees of fruitless seed are soon cast away
Hearing the wind whisper of souls
Why must I stand amongst the void

03. Believe

In this land of the pious
Deceiving one of small mind
Controlled as if
As if the devils tools

I see a horizon
the armies align
Prey upon the weak
Twisting their feeble minds
Riding down
A sickend sort takes the reigns and dominates

Pray to your hands for salvation
Bend your cross to fit your ways
We are a species beaten by ignorance
Misguided fools lost in a shell
An open eye soon extinguished
the blind lead the blind
As we chase our death

I believe
In only myself
The dark shall grow
In the end

04. Never

Living in a pretend world of happiness
My painted face melts as i recede
Into my own reality
Into my hole
The fluid of my existence
Wishing that the pretense would never end
As I soak in rivers opaque
My mind drinks the fluid
It drinks of it's thirst
The fluid of my existence

05. Idis

Watching eyes trough clouded veils
Ancestral souls shape the winds
Present feeds upon the past
Our sanguine ties that bind
Writing on the page of fate
I accept the will maternal
Hear the gift in the cry of the child
Or the bale from blackend wings
Cursed lines and candles flame
Killed with breath from a kiss
Cradle a chosen life
The vine of the mother
Wrapped in woman's weave
Armed in Gossamer
Strangled with mothers hair
Heirs blood never flows

Chains of blood
Bind women's wrath
Or kiss from above
The lady past

06. Personal God

A mental aberration
thrust in to such
A perfect world
I am wrong
You are right
What can I do - to please
I could never see with your eyes
This is the season
Of a falling moon
Torn from above
I could never see with your eyes
I could never think with your mind
Visions destroyed
I bow before
My personal god

07. Mental Pictures

Pulled to the twisted spiral stairs
You falling down
The promise of the treasure bright in our eyes
Our movement sure
We fool ourselves
Taken like chattle in the gates of their keep
Shrouded in ignorance we bow at their feet

Sacrificing the world outside
To suffer mental pictures in my mind
To drown in delusions

Pulled to the twisted spiral stairs
You falling down
Unpainted pictures trick the blind to see
Our thoughts clear
We fool ourselves

08. Insanity's Circles

Insanity's circles continue their motion
Whispers of words fall to the floor
Mental battles fought and won again
Tripping through haze
Hate and anger revel
The words within my mind sing songs of praise
Melodies of unkown
A dying world of life engulfed upon itself
Visions marred by thoughts
Setting ourselves on
Indulging myself in dreams of never realities
Groping for meaning
We eventually fall
Tomorrow is always there
Hopes for a new day we enlighten our souls
As we bleed ourselves
We spawn rivers of doubt

Insanity has thin walls

09. The Fall

Father said unto his son
Let it be written and let it be done
Father said unto his son
Close the door and let it be done

Fly away my precious child
Fly into the sun
Into darkness dark decay
Forever will be done

10. Lament

A world turning
In opposite direction
Bells toll of my lament
Skies not blue

Rain on the path
I wander
Empty and alone
Never looking up

Mo not sad - just hollow
Each breath gone
Expelling life from myself
Closer to ash

Speak to me of beauty
Maneuver with grace
Enter my thoughts with light
Maneuver with grace

Waking from nightmares
A life of repeat
We continue on
Straight to the end

And all I need
- is what I need
- to breath of my Soul

11. Empty Faith

And by the hands of my god I wash myself clean
With the rivers below
That flow into my mind
Falling through the abyss of life
The shadow that is mine engulfs
Pulling at
My realization
No this cannot be
No this should not be
Looking forward I see the nothingness that approaches
Perhaps I'll embrace the intangible
Spinning a web around your world

12. Spiral Descent

Eating from the sacrificial - tainted bowl
Ripping out the roots our our conciousness
We all go blind

Into the void

By the hands of - doom
Pushed to the - wall
Fear the inescapable - you all will fall
No one is spared - you all will crawl

Burning out from the rhetoric - holy words
We sell our souls