Orphaned Land - The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR lyrics


01. Sapari

(The poet) Tell me, pure and perfect one,
tell me so that we may rejoice here in taima -
O wise princess, tell me where do you make your home?
(The Dove) Saadiah, there is a high chamber reserved for me in the palace.
But though I could robe myself in beauty my heart is full of lamentation

It soared from the ark the dove within me
It sings forever, it flies free
I call to thee my torch in darkness, thou art born
Ornaments of gold shine so bright
You are the way, you are the light
I dwell in this my shelter and thy birth do I foresee

02. From Broken Vessels

Unto this world I was born - Innocence scorned
Oaths were broken and pain bestowed - Innocence mourned
Trust betrayed, smiles were faked
Desire turned hate, faces of loved ones are long decayed

Alone in this world, alone and so cold
Shiver in rain, my story unfolds
A broken vessel, endless pieces of me

Friends are now foes, those who betray
Love's labour's lost, a true passion play

Forked tongues drip with lies
Serpents hold me down, I cannot fly

The dark within my eyes

Saint I'm not
Pure in mind and thought
Masks I wear
In this stage we share
Will we ever bare
These fears and hopes within one and all?

Cracks they show
In the mirrors of my soul
When I break
Why do they all forsake?
Is life but a mistake?
Why do they smile when I fall apart?

Go! Pick your self up,
You are the end, now the chapter is done
Cry as you might to the gods you adore
They hear you not, as they never before

03. Bereft In The Abyss

As I cradle thy broken and weakened form
Lay my hands upon thy cold Brow
You can not let it go
You shall not slip away
Please take my hand
So breathe once more, rise and wake up my son.
Open thy eyes and be as one

04. The Path Part 1 - Treading Through Darkness

Darkness, I believe thee not
Thy empty words shall avail thee naught
A fire in this heart of mine
To gaze again upon these walls of thine
Desire to soar once more
Upon these broken wings on which I have flown before

Tongues of flame shall paint the canvas red
As once told, I shall part the rising sea
Seeds from the blood that I shed

Feet sink deeper into grains of golden sand knee deep
Every step I take is a drop in this sea of sleep
In which I have swam and drowned

The wind whispers death, as temptation drips from her song
Tears run dry - Will I survive?
Hear my cry - Will I arrive?

Heading home forever more

All past grief is now gone
The gift of life to me they bequest
Mine is the sight in the blindness

As I'm treading through the path, in darkness

05. The Path Part 2 - The Pilgrimage To Or Shalem

Translation: He will inscribe us in the book of life
* Translated by Dr. Uri Melammed

Across the golden dunes, the desert stretches so long
Scorching heat burns, the wind sings its barren song

And so you live your life, you rise and fall
You weep, you slip, and you dive into the deep
But will you become the compass who navigates this ship?

Across the land and into the dawn
My gaze is fixed on the goal, the throne
Faster and stronger, the wind at my heels
My eyes clear with the strength of steel

All that remains is to gather my strength
With truth on my side I shall awaken and ride…

06. Olat Ha'tamid

Judge of the earth, who wilt arraign the nations at thy judgment seat, with life and favor bless again thy people prostrate at thy feet.
And mayest thou our morning prayer recieve, O lord, as though it were the offering that was wont to be brought day by day continually.
O thou, whose mercy faiteth not, to us thy heavenly grace accord: Deal kindly with thy people's lot, and grant them life, our king and lord.
Let thou the mark of life appear upon their brow from year to year, as when were daily want to be the offerings brought continually.

07. The Warrior

And there, from infernal depths and life of slavery
From the scheming of the poisoned tree
The warrior returned and rose
With his heart's might and faith's conviction
He swore to be an orphan nevermore
And from this day onwards he shall be a blessing - Illumination to this world

You see it clearly now - You are the one
Your destiny, your will be done
Like clay you shape your own reality
You paint your own moon, stars and sun

This is the time in which you must decide
In servitude or life of pride
Thy name shall be henceforth ORwarriOR
And to the very few - Lochem ha'or
El Norra guide the ones who stand alone
The ones to be, the once before
You are the guiding path, ORwarriOR
The one foretold in days of yore
A shield against the Raging of the storm
A blade of truth forevermore

08. His Leaf Shall Not Wither

Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.
And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.
In thy never ending way

09. Disciples Of The Sacred Oath II

Followers are we, disciples are we all
Bonded by a sacred oath, as we heed the silent call
Though we know it not, our purpose is but one
To crack the night sky, letting in the sun

The life we live is not enough; we know there's something more
A place that frightens most, what lies beyond the door
Still searching for the truth, the paradise before
Have we lost the path, denied innocence's shores?
Like a ship afloat at sea, a Flying Dutchman are we?
Destined to roam the seas, locked out without a key

Is it curtain call on this theatre so black?
Will the actors all bow down before the ending stark?
Torches lit as the flames light up the dark
All it takes is a spark for us to leave our mark
War is a gaping wound an appetite that knows no fill
Do not bleed for sand and stones mend these wounds and heal

Break bread with us, nomad - hear our tale
How brother fought brother as fire burnt the sails
An oath we took, one we shall not fail
Steadfast we stand
Oak and shield are we, water in the grail
Lay down your swords, blood and flesh you share
Seed of Abraham, sons of Ishmael
Grieve for ones lost, memory stains the trail
The road to or-shalem

Allah is the light of heavens and earth, his light is like a blessed niche that needs no fire to set ablaze. Allah guides to his light those who find him in their hearts, and sets forth parables for mankind, Allah is cognizant of all.

Shall we see the end of war, blood brothers?
Or shall we fill another grave, for ourselves we couldn't save

Weapon of mass obstruction, our hate does blind us all
To the grief of a widow's tears, to the sum of all our fears
Throughout these blood-red years
For land, for faith
For that eternal thirst within, that we pray for death to fill
For revenge, for hate,
For these innocent souls that with their lies they steal

We view this land of destruction,
After the siege that broke through the wall
A trial is held for the guilty, before a court of their pears
"Sentenced to death!" is the sound that they hear
For war, for death
For the pain bestowed upon those they swore to protect
For us, for them
For taking our rights and our will to object

Land. Faith. Revenge. Hate. Death. Us.
Them. Fight. Stand. Live. On. We. Must.

Or shall we fill another grave, for ourselves we couldn't save

10. New Jerusalem

Saracen blood spilled as crosses are rising high
Men giving their lives, for the Holy See they die
Walls surround this golden city like a crown of thorns
Will the wailing ever cease, will we forever mourn?

Behold memories of wars
Are rising as we're building the New Jerusalem

Men and children toil in the blazing sun
Mortar and brick, no walls between father and son
These green and pleasant fields that surround
The city once apart that now is one

Bygone crusades and wasted lives
Are gone as we're breathing the New Jerusalem

11. Vayehi Or

This life is dark & lifeless grey
One stands alone, in life we decay
An uphill struggle every day
We sell our souls, we do betray

But know this, as you drown within you
The crimson touch of hope still fights
Through the veil truth doth shine
Let there be light

Broken redeemer in fire hidden
The blade of his sword, pure is his sight

In the bleak house you do dwell
Heartbeat drowns in the sound of the knell
An hourglass, clock ticking away
Pray to idols the sentence to sway

But know this, as you're lost within you
The crimson touch of hope in sight
Through the veil truth doth shine
Let there be light

As him in darkness, countless walk
Let there be light - Thee I invoke

12. M I ?

Stare at the light
Eclipse the sun
Am I, am I the chosen one?
I feel naught but emptiness
Are you the father?
Am I your son?

Stare at the light
Praises I sang
Are they undone?
My eyes are blind
Shades of an eclipsed sun
Stare at the sun
I walk the surface of the sun
Stare at the light
Do not forsake
The orphaned one
Am I your son?

13. Barakah

This is a resistance dispatch. Codeword: Illumination

The one shall stand against the horde
From the underground we take hold
Power is word, power is sword

Legion are we all this day - blessed with second sight

The violin was played, as Rome was set aflame
Shall the grief of war forever be the same?
Banners must be raised for hope has to prevail
Oars to the water, to a promised land we sail

Divided we shall fall - to stand we must unite

Give us your blessing Barakah

14. Codeword: Uprising

Thy castles we shall storm
Hierarchy of light is taking form
Enemies fall as dawn is born

Strike fear, all units act as one
Thin red line, the power of man
Ours is the path of light
Redemption through superior fire power
Mirrors shall crack now is the hour

Sing in praise
Thy dark caress
In thee I wait
Lie still
Lie still

Rage engulfs my very being
A holy fire burns in your mind
God is perceived as a thing that's so vile
End lives of pure men, and their beloved wives
Sons & daughters they hold dear you'll defile
In thy sin you shall dwell
No humanity, a landscape of hell
See now the depths into which you have fell
Ending life, blood flows again in the river Nile

We are the terrorists of light
Shadows that haunt the innermost depths of your soul
Unseen to most
We are the sparks that shine so bright
Shall not live on bended knee, shall not lay down our arms
While we stand

These iron shields are raised, armed brothers together we stand
Holding our ground, no quarter is given, no quarter is asked
Enter the fray, we fight not for gain but for freedom - not land
Storming the walls of ancient stone, seven times we surround
Till they crush to the ground in a thunderous sound
O brothers lets drink to the battles ahead
Remember the fallen ones and the souls of the dead
Memories linger of these wars in which we fought and bled

Sing in praise
Thy endless rage
In thee it waits
Lies still
Lies still

Right and wrong they seem too clear
A target you wish for now beckons so near
God is within us all, what we hold dear
Ending of life is the ending of fear
Sons and daughters they shall end our tears
In thy belief
No hate you feel, but the will to forgive
See now the truth, the one which you believe
Ending the storm that still rages inside

We are the terrorists of light
Prometheus to all, torches that burn in mighty halls
Shadows denied
We are the stars that shine so bright
Alpha and omega are one, the yin and the yang intertwined

Light a match in the dark and watch it burn as the fires grow
In the veins of the world we are the blood that pumps and flows
Shadows reflected on fallen walls when the beacon is lit
The masks that we wear are the hearts on our sleeves
Enter the sacrament lead us
Not to a path of deceit

15. In Thy Never Ending Way (Epilogue)

Waves that flow in the oceans of the stars
Clusters bright and far

Brave souls art thou, who tread the darkness in
Thy never ending way

Say thy names with pride

Candles in the darkest night
Bringers of hope ignite
Ye of clearest sight

Go in peace, and find thy faith
Evolve thy self, and lose all hate
So a heaven you may create