Destruction - Sentence Of Death lyrics


02. Total Disaster

I was born in a dark winter night
thunder and lightning greeted me
now it's the time to begin to fight
kingdom of heaven, I can't see

My home is the bloody hell
at the place where Satan rules
the world is now like a big shell
the fire of hell will destroy the fools

I can never trust the virgin preacher
I can never believe in Jesus Christ
It's all right ´coz Satan is my teacher
people hidden them when we arised

I command and you get down on your knees
we sacrifice infants on Satan's order
come taste blood, our living grease
headless bodies found, one is your daughter

03. Black Mass

I kneel in front of the altar
it's covered with flowers
I pray to lord Jesus
and confess my sins

I hear a scornful laughin´
voices sound through the silence
the organ plays by oneself
hell what's happen here

I look around and scare
skulls lie on the black altar
all crosses turned
green blood drops from the walls

Demoniac monsters grin at me
all over signs of the evil
a man with a black coat floats over me
glowin´ eyes stare in the distance

Total calm the figure raise the voice
our master is angry
we must appease him
you're chosen be happy

Panic takes me I run to the gate it's open
nobody stops my route
don't be so stupid
you can not escape

I awake only a dream
bathed in perspiration
a scornful laughin´ sounds
a phantom floats over me
"You can't escape"

04. Mad Butcher

Mad Butcher
A fire is burning in his eyes
his brain is in war and the evil will rise
his blood is black, it's scalding hot
now he's got to ramble,
he knows that's his lot

Through the Blackstreets of the town
his steps are clanging
now he's wanton, oh he's panting
in his hand a blade of solid steel
now it's the time you got to feel

Mad Butcher
He feels his driving, satisfaction he needs
he's watching you pussy, he will get his food
and when he arises you think it's a lover
but he likes strange practices, you'll discover

You lie on your bed, your view real seems great
but instead of his prick,
he's drawing his blade
oh he's so tender, when he makes love to you
that you couldn't stand it,
it's a pity for you

05. Satan's Vengeance

Witches been slaughtered at the stakes
they've been burned, 'cause
they were in league with Satan
people delighted themselves
when this creatures burned painfully

Witches decided to take vengeance
Satan sent a legion of poisoned rats
the warriors of death and most evil inhuman

The sentence of death
drives you to despair
God can't help ya
you shoveled your own grave

Now the mortal is in the bondage of Satan
Without mercy they persecuted people
got a place in hell reserved for you

06. Devil's Soldiers

Eternal Darkness a ripper approaches
he returns from his mission
he has only one target
death and destruction

You never see him
you never hear him
you don't know his name
you don't know where he comes from
if you encounter him, run for your life!

Death line his way
sword and axe are his weapons
his fame hurries on ahead
he leaves anxiety and terror

His master expects him
he doesn't tolerate failures
his power is vast
he's a lot of names
call him reverential
the evil one