Avatar - Schlacht lyrics


01. Schlacht

Under the butcher's Knife life is more present than ever
A life that fades away
Before I die I'll dream one dream that'll last me forever
Forever dead in sleep
The green beneath the waves, first time seen
By drowning

How could you know?
How could you know this way living?
Nobody told!
Nobody told you about living
Now you're leaving... die!

Like Mother Nature rules, survival of the filthiest
The maggots make the rules
The highest of humans, still just the lowest of life
The rulers in the dirt
Look at the world from the eyes of a pig

We all deserve to die
We all deserve to die
We all deserve to die
We all deserve to die
Cannibalism when a swine eats a pig!

This is what it'll always come down to - What are you doing?
Don't you feel?
Slaughtering just to be slaughtered and tamed by yourselves - You're just meat!
The quality of your flesh measures your life span
We all deserve to die!

02. Wildflower

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your soul if you'd open a door?
Have you ever listened to the wood and wondered who it's calling for?
Have you ever dreamt of heeding the call that's in your chest?
Have you ever dared to imagine a chance of you taking the test?
This life is yours
This life is yours

Child, grow wild
Like the flower's dance
You've only got one chance
In this lifetime - to give them a sign
Find your way
To where the sinners roam
Just look under the the snow
And find starlight - don't give them your prime

Do you even dare to imagine a life outside of your cradle?
Do you belong to those who fear that a sting of life would be fatal?
Can you smell the autumn rain when you hide behind your walls?
Can you see the stars that shine? - You could be the star that falls
This life is yours
This life is yours

For all that's dying
Just let it die
Break out of the wheel
And you're alive (You're alive!)

03. All Which is Black

Father - Please stay away
Let me run, let me run, let me out of this place
Father - Don't take me home
Let me stay in the light where there's no place for you
Father - Why are you mine?
Tell me of freedom, of escaping from you
Father - I feel the tide
Father... Father - Help me, I'm drowning

This demon child
Comes from my seed
And all which is black - Is mine
He's mine

Mother - Where are you now?
This lake is cold, I'm alone, I'm a ghost with no name
Mother, can't you hear?
A voice that screams that is me
That is me
Mother - You've let me down
I'm doing time for a crime I didn't commit
Mother - He pulls me down
Mother... Mother - Help me I'm drowning

Abort refuse destroy forget
Kill the son I never had
Abort refuse destroy

04. 4 AM Breakdown

Childhood - is what you see, if you manage to cut, through the curtains of rain
Childhood - is always there to remind me, to remind me, of all the pain
It always gets you in the dark
It always leave a mark
Being crushed like a grape
It fucks you while you scream "Rape!"
They're saying that they're your friends
You're being fucked out of sense
School, work and all that you eat - March with the Nazis!

Can't you see?
She's not as she's
Supposed to be
She gives me
Everything (you gave me everything)
Just give up and get in

Babe girl - Let me taste all of you
Can you be my paper doll, porn star
And all they want me to want you to be

05. As It Is

Tears of faith roll down my face
A glimpse into perfection
A minute of eternity
In absence of rejection
A presence of simplicity
Observing all that is
In grace of contemplation and bliss
Matter whirling like a stream
Recreating these bodies
Consistent it would seem
But flowing, not here to stay
In your bodily sensations
As true as "Truth" could be
A path to liberation
Aware - just letting be

Feel your pleasure, pain
As it goes away - And I say
It's not here to stay
Just observe...
Observe it as it is
Try to stop the rain
And it'll be in vain
Feel your pleasure, pain
To face... To face your own resistance

They can not grasp who you are
And neither can you my friend
Disguised like the Avatar
A mystery of flesh and bones
Feel the faith of life refill you
Arise and pass away
Like dust from distant shores in wind
Blowing, not here to stay - Not here to stay

Who is this you, walking?
Was that your choice?
Who is this you, talking?
Was that your voice?
Something more, something less?
Process of consciousness
Nothing more, nothing less?
For us to curse, for us to bless

06. All Hail the Queen

Bow down! Bow down!
Bow down! Bow down!
She roams the skies on a starless night
Ghosts among drones - seeking the final solution
Parasite sees and parasite knows
She'll find you and she'll save us all
It's war

Stand up
Raise your hands
All hail the queen!
Get down
On your knees
All hail the queen!

She flies with the lords on winds of the moon
Her visions reaches furthest of all
Whatever the cargo, the carriers will fail
Whatever the cost, the hive must prevail

Bow down! Bow down! All hail the queen!
Bow down! Bow down! All hail the queen!

07. When Your Darkest Hour Comes

You turn your back - Turn your back - Turn your back on me
There are flowers in the desert, waiting for you to rain
Make a wish - Make a wish - Make a wish for me
You have never cried for help before..

Eyelids tell no tales of the ghosts that haunts your eyes
When your darkest hour comes
I'll be your guide

There are more tears - Are more tears - Are more tears than sweat
You held me through my falling
You made me - I'm reborn
There's no more fear - No more fear - No more fear - No more fear of failing
We're turning to each other and I'm turning into you

Turn your eyes in and your words out

The door is slammed - Door is slammed - So I'll break the wall
I'm coming out to get you
I will never let you go
We're in control - In control - In controlled chaos
Your elements is fire
Ride out with my storm

08. I Still Hate You

This shall be my final statement
This will not be the last you'll hear
These shall be my words in stone

The blindest of the blindest is hiding in you, my companion
The hate I feel never changed and I doubt it ever will
When the world was to painful you had your eyes lids shut together
So the only world you see is the world inside your dreams
Wake up motherfucker!
Mirror, mirror in my head
How I wish that you were dead
So unkind you twist my mind
Killing me - Please set me free
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Say just how deep can I fall?
'Till I cry or 'till I die - Or 'till I sell my soul to hell?

I still hate you!

Fuck all the things that you are
You fucking fool - You're a fucking scar
The foolish grin upon your face
Go away - Go away !
The life you lead,the lies you hide
The cold that keeps you safe from flames
It all disgusts me, makes me sick
How denial can be a virtue

Learning of the one and all
When all for one there's none at all
If fall is one the "I", I know is you in me watching all else
The movements made is the universe in itself no more than me
And we're all as fucked as the other!

09. One/One/One/Three

I know we've been wandering
Too long and too far
But behind those hills - They are
The ones who are dancing
Blessed by the Star
I'd like to pretend I'm among them
Could it be ?

My longing began at one one one three
I just realized how hollow I am
I came here to taste a drop of your wine
And maybe I'll be ready for the dance

The steps are hard and our feet are weary
But maybe the dance will make us fly
Yet still I'm unable to rise to my knees
The chains around my wrists are warm
"Soft and tender..."

No one has ever cleared my doubt
No one has ever given answers
No one knows the dark I see
And no one can see light as I
No one dreams the dreams of mine
No one commits my sins but me
No one has ever seen but You
And I know it's true

I'll stand tall as a child
Ask for forgiveness
No more lies as I hear
The voice from the hills

10. Die With Me

Floating, into the dark
Falling, dreams fall apart
I long for, the light of the stars
I watch the sky as it falls
Caught in a cage I've made myself
Self made cage
Looking up on the planet rain
End of our age
I can not make it on my own
I can not take it all alone

As the world comes to an end I ask
Will you stand by my side and cry with me?
And as it all falls apart I need to know
That you'll stay and die with me

Breathless, turning to stone
Helpless, don't leave me alone
They're fighting, the voices in me
Keeping me from fighting free
But in your arms they all fall silent
And let me sleep
In your voice a soothing song
Just let me sleep
I can not make it on my own
I can not take it all alone

(In the end all I do is a lie)
(... In the end... It' a lie)

11. The End of Our Ride

Try to dreeze the moment
She's as close as possible
To the enemy - To the wall
Try to breath through the smoke
Get as high as possible
To resist what flows
To survive the ride

I thank what's almighty that I never looked
Never looked into your eyes
I hate the times that we are parted
Not in flesh but in mind
I could kill to find a way to lift your curse
But I'm hoping for life
I fear that the end of the falling will
Be the end of our ride

Try to flee the moment
He's as dark as possible
To make sure he's living
Wrapped in cloaks
Loves the shattered clouds
As they kiss his crown
Can't resist what flows
To deny the ride

Try to read the movements
To save some lives
Try to laugh at moments
When the stakes are too high to take on

12. Letters From Neverend

One second of life between cradle and grave
A lifetime to face all man's shortcomings
Your loneliest sleep is when you're awake
Open your eyes and look into forever
In the whirls of time you'll soon be forgotten
Your existence, a lie that's never been told
The shortest path to the end of the universe
Is to look into your inside out

You are me
I'm them
They're you
It's all a question of cloaks and masks
You are me
I'm them
They're you
The masquerade stops
This is Neverend

I wanted to show you this place in my mind
Deep into the forest away from the world
A land I forget and discover each time
I dream of forever and turn into God
This is the mirror that shows me the world
The reflection casts shadows of your height and shape
And you're looking back from inside of my body
And smiles as a life that ends