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Sinister - Cross The Styx lyrics


02. Perennial Mourning

Bodily resignation
Enter the ancient spheres
Dimension beyond all dreams
Where time is forsaken

Perennial mourning

Eternal benevolent wings
Solemn moaning flock
Through chasms of sin
Falsehood of mankind

Perennial mourning

Omniscient ancient dome
Beholds the answer to it all

Eyes of the ancient slumber
Rabid grotesque tears
Are vanishing in time

Simultaneous integration of cocoons
An obscure mystical appearance
Of unshapen kindred spirits
Like myriad chronic visions

Shadows of blood appear
Above the zoetrope chamber
Ominous pylons arise
Enclosing ferocity

Perennial mourning

Omniscient ancient dome
Beholds the answers to it all

Rise from the age of knowledge
Devouring bestial phlegm
Annular deformed mutation
Chained to the hideous cobwebs
Imperturbable consuming souls
Simultaneous deviation into dusk

Eyes of the ancient slumber
Rabid grotesque tears
Still vanishing in time

Convene incantation spheres
The infinite powers from beyond
Ancient visions disappear
Beware of the prophecies

Universal knowledge
Beyond subconsciousness

03. Sacramental Carnage

Sacramental carnage
Ultimate rejoining in the abyss

Cauterized sect fuse as one
Final break- through the old world

Descended souls will dwell
Into the crypts of emptiness
Purified by massacre
Eternal harassment

Surrounded by blackened sky
Skin burns away
Luxurious fire will unleash mortality

The hallowed path
Far beyond
The occult of life

Immortality beyond the inner self
The soul is all that remains
Dead another state of being
Enter eternal bliss

Descended souls will dwell
Into the crypts of emptiness
Purified by massacre
Eternal harassment

04. Doomed

Unleashed from the swarm of mortality
Arise in darkness where blackened souls dwell

Shapes of darkness will abide
The sound of death remains in emptiness

Among the void twilight remains
Filled with spawn of blasphemy

Obscure vortex of morbid wrath
Full of malignant mutations

Bestial luminous semblance
Source of abomination
Consuming souls perpetual
Horror beyond description

Descended in a new dimension
Reborn in harassment
Journey beyond eternity
Traveling through this world of doom

From the burning depths they appear
Lardaceous goo mutations
Swarming among ancient spirits
Spawn havoc creations

Descended in a new dimension
Reborn in harassment
Journey beyond eternity
Unholy world of doom

Life like afterbirth - Invoked semblance
Inept creature - Leave now seance ends

My mind is going places
Abandoning the body
Envisioning my casket
Hollow mortal remains

Drawn tighter to the vortex
Which center's hell's dimension
Disclosure of agony
Beyond the vacuum pylon

Malignant mutations
Piercing my soul
Amalgamation with agony
Life slips away

Enter now the world of doom

05. Spiritual Immolation

Surrounded by darkness
The unholy house deceit
Keeper of the pylons
With dimensions to sinister worlds
Malicious labyrinth
Harbor of the unholy altar
Beholder of the ritual
Keeper of my spiritual destiny

Tribulation - Desecration immolation my salvation

This bottomless pit
Gate to the eternal bounds of darkness
Prodigal light where demons lodge
Emptiness filled with sadistic lust
Vindictive crypts - Chasm of agony
Smell of burning skin fills the air

Mortals burning at the cross
My ritual has begun
Eating out the innards
Crushing genitals on the altar
Disemboweled cauterized
Decapitated bodies

Tribulation - Desecration
Immolation - My salvation

The altar surrounded by lust
Pleasant violent carnage rite
Craving for infernal crypts
Give credit to evil
Disposed of my mortal skin
My spirit re-unites with eternal darkness

06. Cross The Styx

Rise into the elder world
The burning purgatory
Deadly cosmic terror
The lowest depths of hell

I signed the book of blood
By will - Now that's a fact
Marked by the numbers
Of predominance
Lead me to the path of perfect celebration
I've been reborn in a world of consumption

Arisen in blasphemy
Mutilation I need
Consume souls eternally
For my torment they will bleed

Realm of dark throne
Netherworld of doom
Cruel horned spirits
Everlasting ghouls

Flown from the depths
Dark horned mutations
Million tied up souls
Infernal slaves of manipulation

Cross the Styx

I call on thee
Blind idiot god of chaos
Goat with a thousand young
God of perfection

Cross the Styx

Pumping the agony through my veins
As perpetual pleasure it enters my brain
Swallow the lunatics of god's creation
Their tumors create a sacrificial lust
Grime crippled putrescent infants
Melted and fused by demoniacal abscesses
Reincarnation of perfection
behind the forbidden sinister gates

Souls drowned in the blood of Oblivion
Dragged in the stream of the inflicted access
Zymotic slime of subtracted skin
Into damnation tortured infinity

Cross the Styx

07. Compulsory Resignation

Assault your own blood
To indulge spiritual illness
Possessive hands clamp
Obsessed eyes force resignation

Mental collapse shall rule

Used innocence
Marked for life
Self-respect has been taken away

Abhor against masculine contact
Painful remembrances
Cross your progression

Fight inner self will pursue you
Thrown away information
No one wants to listen to you
You have the wrong attitude

Compulsory resignation

Horrible pressure on the brain
Self-blame manipulates your nerves
A wall of hatred grows around
Damn the past forever or is there
Any hope for improvement

Compulsory resignation

08. Corridors To The Abyss

Corridors to the abyss

Ancient path of harassment
Leads into abhorrence crypts
Million years of suffering
In the kingdom of the damned

Black abyss
Beholder of natural fear

Monstrous faceless beings
Crawl in the ancient pit
Macabre putrescence creations are
Mortifying maliciously

Perpetual diabolical vortex
Taunting malignant wrath

Black behemoth - Sinuous serpent
Monstrosity - Custodian of diabolical
Spirits - Spawn of abhorrence disgust
Inperpetuaty shackled in chronic fear

Corridors to the abyss

Doomed souls dwell
In this vault
Dark roads to purgatory
Harbingers of the abyss
Everlasting corridors

09. Putrefying Remains

Your remains will putrefy

Pungent stench
Formed by leprosy
Unequaled disease

Vitality will escape
Carcass covered with dirt
Breath of life will flow
In perishing light
No more passing time
Eternal darkness

Fatal tread like a broken chain
Precarious existence remains
In the silent pit of darkness
In search for the light
Float in emptiness encounter the passage

Beautiful luster floating garbs
Lead to your destiny
Deceit by demons and ghouls
Lead to your damnation
Eternal torture mutilated innovation
Endless pain

Life is a trail
The destiny of your soul

Your remains will putrefy

Rehabilitates in our world
Immortal soul anxious to know
Multifarious lives
Uncertain creation
Dimension of perishing existence

Carcass munched by maggots
Death eternal fear
Crypts of death
Pang of conscience
Your remains will putrefy

10. Epoch Of Denial

Epoch of denial
Visual deceit
Two horned grown in man
Disembody thee

Entreaty of lies
From her melting face
Insolent contempt
To divide god's ways

Rise to the horns of Capricorn
Burn at the stake witch burn
Inside the womb dies her unborn
Melt into one repent

Execrate the human whore of beast
Rise from the blackened soil

Reborn the epoch of truth
Torture purified the soul
Virgin cleansed from demon seed
No longer alive but free

Innocent life
Your fear of god
Is fed by superstition

I summon on thee
Victims of inquisition
Gather and feed from the corpse

Submit to the call of the beast
Rise from the blackened soil

Reborn the epoch of truth
Torture purified the soul
Virgin cleansed from demon seed
No longer alive but free

11. Perpetual Damnation

Multifarious mutants
They cross the brain
The inferno of your morbid mind

Damnation of immortal souls
Perpetual - Caustic septic vitality
Damnation - Deformed incubus
Perpetual damnation

Mutilated dimensions
Creations of subconsciousness
Wood of putrefying souls
Pylon of blasphemy
Caustic bloody priest
Cauterized to the cross
Suppuration freak
Loot crippling innards

Carnage feast
Maggots infest eyes
Mutilated corpse
Eternal deformed

Mutilation by ghouls
Deformed by pin and chain
Vomiting suppurated innards
Captive in an image
Of your own dreams
Eternal fate
Immortal phantasm

Damnation of immortal souls
Perpetual - Caustic septic vitality
Damnation - Deformed incubus
Perpetual damnation

In a maze of despair
reek of putrefying souls
carbonized your mangled innard
cauterized malicious heretic

Mutilation by ghouls
deformed by pin and chain
vomiting suppurated innards