High On Fire - High On Fire lyrics


01. Blood From Zion

Flies cloudjian rider
Holding keys to fires
A righteous one begat him
His robe is drenched in blood

Fury is beside him
Knees before The Master
Righteous praise from Zion
Wicked born fire

Coming of Messiah
Hand of the Almighty
Blood flows down from Zion
Turn face from The Cheribum

02. 10,000 Years

10,000 years or more
In jet black meditation
Sonic Tempress hears no more
And hands me my salvation
Walking thru the piles of life
Ignore all accusation
Now I stand here hands are sore
But thats my motivation

The vision never died
The earthling walked in flight

10,000 Years or more
In jet black meditation
Now I stand here hands are sore
But thats my reputation

03. Master Of Fists

Anger flows, warriors call
Focused eyes see thru them all
Teachers death was a con
Jeet Kun Do avenging one

Streamline form, flying kicks
Warriors fall from powered hits
Mesmerized speed and fury
Numchuckas crush skulls with their flurry

Snap of the dragon
Crack like a whip
You cannot defy
The Master of Fists

Bender of will
Defender of bliss
Enters the dragon
The Master of Fists