Antimatter - Lights Out lyrics


01. Lights Out

So you made it? Shame you had to fake it..
So you feigned the way? You're a fucking disgrace to the name..

So you reaped what I had sown?
Scattered ashed blown into the unknown,
While you were selling my soul, cold..

Black lies failing... forging sound..
Lights out as you hit the ground.

02. Everything You Know Is Wrong

I looked to the skies,
Turning away with blackened eyes.
I'm a stranger on a train, you're all strangers on a train.

Sorry to confuse you, but all that you know is wrong
and there's just no name for whats gone on.

I've walked on thin ice just to feel mystified,
As we spin through outer space...

Sorry to confuse you, but all that you know is wrong
And there's just no name for whats gone on.

03. The Art Of A Soft Landing

I'm building a cage to chew things over,
Far from where the rats can chew my brain.
Losing the game and the deck's uneven,
the building blocks of ruin...

I'm going insane with my eyes wide open,
The stage has set the tone.
Chewing the pain and it wont stop breeding,
It moves from square to square...

I've pushed my field, now it comes to this,
I've touched my dreams, but still I bleed.

04. Expire

Innocence and irony,
A a dark shade of fantasy as the serpent slips right into me
Living out your fallacy,
I'm just another casualty of casual insanity.

Summers white cause the sun has gone,
But it wont be long til tomorrow comes and youre on the run with what you've taken.
Knowing what I should have known, I'm staring at the telephone,
And I think our god has been and gone, but I'm still waiting.

I've a solution, a final solution

05. In Stone

What a big man you are
Could fight a war with just your face
Take it on the chin and leave me open-jawed.

What big words you've got,
Reciting lines you've heard on film,
Could write a script with just your lust for respect.

Rip off this face, it can't persist,
Like shadows in the rain, undefined lines,
A symphony muted and greying.
You're not real, and neither are your goals.

06. Reality Clash

Resist you never could you never will bare my soul for a moment of delusion blame it On the past catching up to take the glory without substance selling someone elses Soul to take you further falling deeper into false stealing heros you dont realise the Shit you're in for once its come around again so exercise your right to run your right to ruin

Breaking away from broken days of shame and illusion,
Playing the game.
Validate a life of lies,
So high on manufactured pride.

Faking away, making waves to gain,
Reality astray, delusion paved the way.
While we made it to the other side,
You lost your pride and your alibis.

07. Dream

Immersed in light, broken in flight,
Here comes that scene again,
Not another sleepless night.
Scripted yet stuck on every line,
Upon my face a look of pure surprise,
I thought I'd be fighting fire.

How it's changed from my dream,
Did I stray from the path laid out for me?
How it's changed,
Did I fail in some way?

Easy to plot a course divine,
A simple graph cant cover ever line,
and I don't see what I don't know.
Some truths are harder to perceive,
The color has been drained now from my eyes,
Staring into endless time...

08. Terminal