The Ruins Of Beverast - Unlock The Shrine lyrics


01. Between Bronze Walls

Music & lyrics by The Ruins of Beverast
As poisoning light
Ignores my futile desire for sleep
I find myself surrounded by mirrors
Blinding me

With this abhorrent colour
With my abhorrent flesh
With their abhorrent grin

This must be the most raging maelstrom
The deepest climax
My saviour, my mere witness indeed
I perceive your presence

Yet, you cannot approach ...
This hell is mine
I shall die between bronze walls.

02. Skeleton Coast

Music & lyrics by The Ruins of Beverast
Nocturnal skeleton coast
Where dead cattle is washed ashore
To molest the mind of this immaculate race
Oh man, ye high spirits have evoken
The extermination of all that has been
Will you pray when the storms come ?

03. Euphoria When The Bombs Fell

Music & lyrics by The Ruins of Beverast
Then all danced, my heroine
To the war opera
I was proud to start a killing spree With you

We darkened the scenery
All the grief
All the tragedies of your horrible loss
Have been channeled
Into an orgasmic carnage

As all collapsed
We died in murderous bliss.

05. The Clockhand's Groaning Circles

Music & lyrics by The Ruins of Beverast
Clutching a giant lance of brass
Within a storm
That rushes silently
Through a hallway of mirrors

Drafts and visions deform me
Poisoned air burns into wounds:

The missing entrails
Left behind When my waste Was creeping to life
Hurt and bleed
Festering from wounds

That time has torn
That brass feasts upon
In a rhythm, in a melody .

Destructive and discordant
And finally mute, when the eyes awake
Behind the senile web ...

These trembling hands won't save my ears
From deafness
These crippled thoughts won't save my soul
From death.

07. Summer Decapitation Ritual

Music & lyrics by The Ruins of Beverast
I marked place in medieval summer beat
A guillotine prepared for amusement of god and his crowd
Shouting their annual menace

(Into) the cruel vacuum rapidly descending
Desiring death to anticipate the doom divine, the temptation, his triumph
Thus, as no martyr I burn (at) the cross

With lack of strength to climb out of the white abyss again
Behead me!
For at the depths of this spiral
Even death cannot disburden me of life.

09. Unlock The Shrine

Music & lyrics by The Ruins of Beverast
How horrible your face has become within this prison
I smell your steps on the wooden floor again
So desperate to keep them silent ... you are mine
With all your masochistic desire

Invoke and fight me again
Saw your suicidal seed
Inhale your schizophrenia
Suffer from your faded mind

Unlock the shrine
Release me
Will I kill us ? (Will you kill us ?)
Will I release us ? (Will you release us ?)

As salt runs into your wounds You lose your sight and clench your fists
You mourn at the brought of your heart, The stench of urine and mould
You will crawl before me on this wooden floor
Let the splinters cut you And free the mass that binds us

You will drivel and howl at this merciless rain ...
These doors will close for you again.

11. The Mine

Music & lyrics by The Ruins of Beverast
Until these tunnels Shall become our grave
We dwell with the poets
The eerie echoes Of shameful choirs
Howl deep within here

Sounds of harm From where the stillborn graze
Standing armed without a strategy
In a war That never should have been declared
Eyes adapted to perpetual dawn

The trembling march of the offensive pack
With the bark of the hounds
Our final rhyme shall be composed
We await this, our time
When the foul screams of agony Will sound through the mine.