Unholy - Procession Of Black Doom lyrics


01. Procession Of Black Doom

Music by Unholy
Lyrics by Jarkko Toivonen
You arrived to valley
of Endless black memories
Bloodlust starts
You notice the smell of death
Time may end, serenade will start
Procession of Black Doom
Dark shadows swallow you
Review to reality
Exclamation breaks
Fog has descended
You feel the power of
Allies of eagle
You will loose your mind
Second attention
Is too much for you
Without the Nagual
Death will Pay
A visit to you

03. Colossal Vision

Music by Unholy
Lyrics by Jarkko Toivonen
I'm inside of giant arche hydra
Lord of dreams passed me here
this warm slime - realm of fear
There's only one solution, use explosives,
Detonate the way out
I failed, rabid stream of worms covers me
Horrible lifeforms, I can't stand it
Oxygen is running out, I can't breath
My thoughts are slowly fading away
I sail trough colossal visions
Visions of other dimensions
Beautiful trip through eternity
I travelled through everything
Forbidden side of the universe
Earthly limitations disappeared
Strange hymn, echoing softly
Rhyme from transspace
Malformation past, present, future
I have unchained this desecrated trinity
This is my release to all lifeforms
A gift of the supreme being

04. Time Has Gone

Music by Unholy
Lyrics by Jarkko Toivonen
Five days travelled
Wakened in the land of the black desert
Rotten corpses everywhere
Endless fields, rising fear
Endless fear
Moves me on
Time has gone
Past is here
Moonlight twists my mind
Perfect silence surrounds me
Dreams turn to nightmares
The black walls of death
Ritual of horrid monsters
The cult of the evil or your sick imagination
Fear - Pain - Darkness
Destroys my mind

05. Death Will Rule

Music by Unholy
Lyrics by Jarkko Toivonen
Satan has awaken
Death has arrived
They are here
The demons of the terror

Ascending from the sea
Descending from the sky
Unholy soldiers
Legions of Belial

You prayed god
But now youre in Hell
Now you feel Hell is real

Count the minutes
Nothing will save you
Demons take your hart
They rip you apart

New dimension
Will you see the light?
Fall to Hell - Reality is gone
Lost in here - Eternal fear

Only Pain is real

Ancient prophets saw this
In their dreams of hate and terror
It´s you´re heritage to sell your soul
Before it´s too late